Create a Back to School Crayon Crown 20

Create a Back to School Crayon Crown I wanted to make another gift for the wonderful teachers in our area, and let you all know how I did it.  With the budgets of some schools at a very low amount, I personally think that teachers are forced to spend too much of their own money, for things that are needed in the classroom.  I thought […]



How To Make a Teacher Survival Kit 19

Make a Teacher Survival Kit With school starting here in the mountains of Arizona next week, I thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas for teacher or classroom gifts. The next three (3) of my craft posts, including this one, will be things that you can make for your favorite teacher or classroom.  This one is kind of like a fun gift […]

Create a Photo Book Craft #DIY #Memories 23

Create a Photo Book Craft Who doesn’t love having photos from past events or family vacations that you can enjoy later on?  I always share my photos from trips online, but love to have some that are special sitting around, or even for sharing with family.  I saw this available on a photo sale site and figured, “why not just make my own?”  It was really […]

photo book

tire planter

How to Make a Recycled Tire Planter 15

How to Make a Recycled Tire Planter When it was time to get new tires for my truck, I wanted to use the old ones for something around home.  I don’t like paying the recycling fee to the shop to get rid of them, and figured that they would look pretty good in my yard.  There are so many other things that you can do with […]

Make a Bandana Flag Wreath #DIY #Craft 42

Make a Bandana Flag Wreath #DIY #Craft With the celebration of Independence Day coming up soon, I always love to feature a craft that goes along with that holiday, like this Bandana Flag Wreath.  I always love anything that are the colors of the flag, or things that make people stop for a minute and give thanks for our freedom and those that fight to keep […]


upcycled denim

Make Some Upcycled Denim Planters #DIY #Craft 25

Make Some Upcycled Denim Planters #DIY #Craft I have a bunch of old pants laying around, hoping to some day become something else.  I remember years ago, my Mom making my brother a blanket with squares of old jeans, but figured I don’t have the time (or the patience) to do that, so wanted to figure out something a bit easier.  I figured that it would […]

Make an Upcycled Seed Starter #DIY #Garden 22

How To Make an Upcycled Seed Starter #DIY #Garden I saw this seed starter project on Made Everyday awhile back, and thought it would be great to make, now that Spring is finally here in the White Mountains.  The oak trees just sprouted leaves, so that tells us that it’s time to start gardening.  Using these will make it fun to plant flowers and help them […]


giant button

Giant Button Wall Art #DIY #Craft 12

Giant Button Wall Art #DIY #Craft #Home I saw this project on Fave Crafts years ago, and thought it would be fun to make.  I decided to add a bit more to it, and then gave it to a friend for her Sunday School room at church.  It was fun to make and would be perfect for a craft room, or any area that you […]

Create a Flowery Bird Feeder #DIY #Craft 23

Create a Flowery Bird Feeder #DIY #Garden #Birds I saw this craft in one of the Lowe’s Outdoor magazines.  It was just for garden decor, but I decided to change it up a bit and make it into a bird feeder for my yard.  I actually saw one of the squirrels using it this afternoon! It was pretty easy to make.  You just have to […]


tower garden

How To Make a Tower Garden #DIY #Craft 24

How To Make A Tower Garden #DIY #Garden #Plants It’s been awhile since I posted a craft/DIY project.  Things have been pretty busy around here, getting ready to start up the new family UTV Racing team with my husband and son.  It’s called “Redneck Edition“, since we’re part of that family! 🙂  Living in the mountains, and being able to enjoy working hard to play hard, […]

Make Some Spring Bunny Suckers #Craft 4

Make Some ” Spring Bunny Suckers “ #Craft #Easter #Bunny It’s amazing that we just finished up with St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter is already here.  Now, if you know me, you know that my family celebrates the Resurrection, and not the bunny.  This holiday in our world has turned into a candy fest and all about the little fluffy guy, even though it’s truly […]


Learn How To Make a St. Patrick’s Day Treat 12

Learn How To Make “St. Patrick’s Day” Treats This craft was posted a few years ago, but is one that I still love to do each year.   They are fun to make and great to give as gifts to friends, etc.  I had seen this craft on Qbee’s Quest‘s blog, and thought it looked like a fun one to try.  She has some other […]

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap #Craft 24

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap #Craft #StPatricksDay I can’t believe that it’s already March.  With Easter coming so early this year, I almost forgot about our little Leprechaun friend!  I made this with my Cricut and just wanted something fun for our counter.  I figured that since these little guys will be running around in a couple of weeks, I would make up a trap to […]


night sky

Create a Night Sky on a Bottle #Craft 12

Create a Night Sky on a Bottle #Craft So as many of you know, awhile back I wasn’t able to post about crafting, or anything for awhile.  Let me get you filled in.  My hosting account was messed up through an error that the host did, and wasn’t willing to help me fix…saying it was a WordPress issue.  Well, after hours of research and prayers said for strength […]

DIY Photo Luminary 15

Use a Special Photo to Make a Photo Luminary So, I hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day last week.  If you went out with friends, or family, you might have some great photos that you want to create a piece to decorate your home.  I saw a post about making a luminary like this over at Our Best Bites and thought that it would be […]



How To Make a Celtic Heart Knot Keychain #Craft 15

How To Make a Celtic Heart Knot Keychain I always remember making the little keychains (GimpAction or Boondoggling) out of the plastic lacing when I was younger.  You had to alternate the colors and it seemed a bit like knitting for kids.  Does anyone else remember those?  Well, I saw something that reminded me of that, but it was more of a knotting technique with […]

How to Make a Valentine Love Light #Craft 33

How to Make a Valentine Love Light #ValentinesDay #Craft So I haven’t been able to post about crafting for awhile.  Let me get you filled in.  My hosting account was messed up through an error that the host did, and wasn’t willing to help me fix…saying it was a WordPress issue.  Well, after hours of research and prayers said for strength and courage, I finally […]

love light


Create a Winter Hat with Yarn #Craft 9

Create a Winter Hat with Yarn #Craft With the new year of 2016 upon us, it’s time to get back to crafting!!  I took a few weeks off for Christmas and new year, just to spend time with family, and get some new ideas.  Now that the month of January is here, and it’s finally snowing like crazy here in the White Mountains of Arizona, I […]

Make a Video Game Tote Bag 39

Make a Video Game Tote Bag My family has been hearing a lot about the new movie coming out called “Pixels“.  My husband and I were smiling from the first part of the preview, as these were the games that we grew up playing.  Our son can’t wait to see it, too, since the games are still popular and coming back with a vengeance for all […]



Make a Minion Treat Box 30

Make a Minion Treat Box This last week has been crazy.  My son is with his grandparents in CA, and I figured that I would have so much time for crafting, catching up with work, etc., but you know how life goes!!  I finally had time to sit down and figure one out for this week. We’ve all heard that the new Minion movie is coming […]