Give Some Love With “Valentine Gift Bags” 22

“Valentine Gift Bags” I recently got some new designs for my Silhouette Cameo and thought that these would be fun to make for Valentine’s Day.  I wanted something small for my son’s teachers, and most of the bags that are in the store, are either too cheap, too big, or too young.  Why not make one yourself, in the style you like?  They were very easy to do, and […]



Create a “Sweet Shark Valentine” #TigerStrypesBlog 20

  “Sweet Shark Valentine” Here’s a gift idea for your kids, or for their classrooms for Valentine’s Day.  It’s pretty easy to make, and even if you just had to trace an outline and cut it by hand, it wouldn’t be too hard. I saw this project in the newest FamilyFun magazine, and thought it would be a great thing to do.  It was very […]

Make Some Cute “Clothespin Couples” #TigerStrypesBlog 34

“Clothespin Couples” Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the time of year that so many put emphasis on love and showing each other how we care.  Shouldn’t we be doing that everyday?  It always cracks me up how much people put into the 2nd week of February.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been married for 14 years and have known my husband for […]



Have Some “40th Birthday Fun” #TigerStrypesBlog 11

“40th Birthday Fun” #TBCCrafters Hop So, I turned 40 on Monday, crazy how time flies.  I remember back in the day, I thought that 40 was really old, now that I’m here, I think that the “hill” has just gotten further away…or maybe it’s just because I can’t see it anymore! :p I lost my Dad when he was 43, and I really didn’t understand […]

Make Some “Snowball Fun Time Friends” #TigerStrypesBlog 6

“Snowball Fun Time Friends” #TBCCrafters Hop I wanted to make something that went with the snow for this weeks craft.  We got some awhile back, but it’s now melting.  Hoping for more, soon!  Figured that since we haven’t got too much, and weren’t able to actually go outside and have snowball fights for real, I’d make some little guys that could pretend to have one […]



Share Some “Hot Chocolate for the New Year” #TigerStrypesBlog 3

“Start The New Year Off Right With Special Hot Chocolate” #TBCCrafters Hop I haven’t had much time yet this month to do very crafty crafts, so I figured I’d keep this week easy.  You can always make the good old hot chocolate with the old school marshmallows, or have fun with the kids and let them create some that are a bit more decorative and fun!! These were […]

“Tip Your Hat” – Santa Hats Glasses Craft #TigerStrypesBlog 7

“Tip Your Hat” – Santa Hats Glasses #TBCCrafters Hop I saw these in Rachael Ray’s magazine and thought they would be adorable to make for either your Christmas or New Year’s parties.  They were very easy to make and could be filled with whatever you wish.  I chose fruit juice to mimic the Santa hat color, but you could pick any red beverage.  Really fun to […]



Make Some “Light Up Snowman Magnets” #TigerStrypesBlog 16

“Light Up Snowman Magnets” #TBCCrafters Hop I made these “Light Up Snowman Magnets” this week, after seeing something like it around the time of Halloween, and thought I would change it up for Christmas.  These are great for the fridge, giving as gifts, etc.  Very easy to make, perfect for having the kids help you, and a great way to use up extra supplies in the […]

Make A “Holiday Spice Ornament” #TigerStrypesBlog 19

“Holiday Spice Ornament” #TBCCrafters Hop I found these clear plastic ornaments a Walmart and thought it would be so fun to make something for my friends for the holidays.  I had seen where someone had put in the fake snow, etc., but I wanted to do something a bit different.  I figured that most people I know cook and use spices, and figured that this might […]



How To Make A “Melted Snowman Ornament” 14

How To Make a “Melted Snowman Ornament“ I figured since here in the mountains of Arizona we still have received NO SNOW, that this ornament was very fitting for Christmas-time.  It’s been in the 50’s here and that is just weird.  We’re praying for God to send some white stuff down from heaven to help nourish our forest with moisture, and so we don’t have to […]

Make Your Own Brown Bag Turkey for Thanksgiving 16

 Make Your Own Brown Bag Turkey for Thanksgiving #TBCCrafters #TigerStrypesBlog I saw one of these on Fave Crafts and about fell on the floor – how fun and what a great thing to make for your kid’s school or the kid’s table at Thanksgiving time.  It was really easy to do, I think the hardest thing about it was trying to find paper bags up where I […]



Make Some “Recycled Rake Decor” #TigerStrypesBlog 4

“Recycled Rake Decor/Arrangement” #TBCCrafters Hop I love to recycle things in to something new.  If you have an old rake that no longer is working for you, you can “upcycle” it into some decor for your home or yard.  I really wanted one of the older looking ones, but didn’t have one and couldn’t find one at the thrift stores up here, so I just did […]

Mark Your Spot With Some Apple Table Cards 5

Make Some Apple Table Cards #TBCCraftersHop I saw something like this on Pinterest, but they were just punching them to add to an envelope in someone’s card.  Thought it would be fun to make up some place cards like this early to be able to use for our Thanksgiving table.  We usually don’t have a lot of people, so there’s no need to really have to […]



“Halloween Candy Jars” Make Sweet Gifts 26

Make Some “Halloween Candy Jars“ I wanted something a bit different to decorate during the Halloween/Harvest season in our home.  I thought about a great way to use the candy for home decor.  Simple to do and the pieces can be found pretty inexpensive.  The hardest part for me was finding candy that was a single color.  One of the “joys” of living in a small […]

Make Some “Halloween Broom Treat Bags” 22

Make Some Halloween Broom Treat Bags #TBCCrafters I saw these cute things on a kid’s craft page and thought they were adorable.  We live in a very small town and on Halloween, most of the flatlanders have already left, so the population is even smaller.  We only have about 4 to 6 kids who come by our home, so doing something special for them is a fun […]



Create Some “Yarn Pumpkins” #TigerStrypesBlog 6

  Create “Yarn Pumpkins” – #TBCCrafters Hop I saw something kind of like this on Pinterest, however they just wrapped it around their hand and never cut it open, so it looked a bit messy to me.  I recently bought a Clover Pom-Pom Maker and wanted to try it out, so I thought this would be a great way to do it.  Fall is my favorite […]

How to Make “Harvest Candle Holders” #TigerStrypesBlog 12

How to Make “Harvest Candle Holders“ #TBCCrafters Hop Here’s my craft for this week.  I hope it’s something that you can use and change up the ideas to make it your own.  My favorite time of the year is Fall.  The colors are amazing in the mountains where I live, the temperature is just right and there’s just that “smell” in the air.  Now I […]



Make Some “Letter Tile Coasters” #TigerStrypesBlog 11

“Letter Tile Coasters” #TBCCrafters Hop   I remember years ago that you would always see the letter game at thrift stores, etc.  Now, of course, when I want to use that for a craft, I can find none anywhere, nobody is willing to give one up and people online are asking crazy amounts for this simple game.  Weird.  I finally posted a ISO on the local […]

Put Together Your Own “Oil Reed Diffuser” #TigerStrypesBlog 20

  “Oil Reed Diffuser” #TBCCrafters Hop     *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* I am a member of a review site and recently got picked to review the new Apothecary Tea Tree Oil.  I figured, what better way to review it, then to craft with […]



Make a Simple Towel Basket for Your Bathroom 13

Learn How to Make a “Simple Towel Basket” for your Bathroom If you’ve ever had guests over and got that familiar “Where are the towels?” scream from your bathroom, this is the craft for you!  I always love to have extra towels and washcloths out for my guests, but just having them sitting on the counter can get cluttered and you worry about which ones […]