Make Some “Light Up Snowman Magnets” #TigerStrypesBlog 16

Light Up Snowman Magnets” #TBCCrafters Hop

I made these “Light Up Snowman Magnets” this week, after seeing something like it around the time of Halloween, and thought I would change it up for Christmas.  These are great for the fridge, giving as gifts, etc.  Very easy to make, perfect for having the kids help you, and a great way to use up extra supplies in the craft room, etc.  We finally got a little bit of snow last week, so if we don’t get more, I’ll just have to attach these outside somewhere to make us feel like we made a snowman one time this winter – crazy weather!

I hope you like it!! Have a blessed day, and please be sure to comment on and share this #TBCCrafters craft!!

Light Up Snowman Magnets” Craft

Materials/Tools Used:

  • Battery Powered Tea Light Candles
  • Adhesive Gem/Jewel Dots
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Round Magnets
  • & Time!


Start by using some jewel dots to create the eyes on the candle.snowman

Next, create a “mouth” with more of the dots.snowman

When that is done, you can start creating the hat.  Using some scrap fabric, make a “Pac Man” shape to use to create the base.snowman

Fold it into a cone and using your glue gun, adhere the edge to seal it.snowman

Next I glued a small pom pom for the top and used some ribbon for the brim.snowman

When that is complete, and dry, put a couple of dots of glue at the edge and adhere it to the top of the candle.snowman

When all of that is done, you can glue a round magnet to the back (make sure not to glue it over the battery area, if you wish to replace those in the future).snowman

Now you can attach it to your fridge, give it as a gift or display it wherever you wish to have a little snowman keeping his “nose” in things! 🙂snowman

Hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment and let me know what you would do different, or what you would add, etc.  Be sure to tweet, pin, share, etc. – thanks!!

“Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, honor is not fitting for a fool.” -Proverbs 26:1

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Barb Webb
5 years ago

What a super cute and clever idea!! I love this!

Grace Hodgin
5 years ago

These are really cute and I bet they add a festive touch when they are lit.

5 years ago

This would be a great project for my son’s class! I’ll have to remember it for our next class party.

Shirley Wood
9 years ago

Love this! Unique and different!

We are so glad you shared with us at the Home Matters Linky party! Please be sure to come back to our next party on Jan. 9th. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai

Very clever. What a cute and simple idea. thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Linky Party. Pinned and shared. 🙂

Merry Christmas!
~Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai

Andrea Kruse
9 years ago

Adorable idea! I know I must have some of those lights left over from Halloween (I use those for my kids’ pumpkins). My daughter, with her Olaf obsession, would LOVE these!

Linda Kinsman
9 years ago

What a fun and easy (looking) craft idea. You always come up with some creative ideas. Thanks for sharing this one.Merry Christmas.

Rose Powell
9 years ago

Totally adorable, love the use of the gems and how cute, could make it into an ornament too!!!