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Make a Winter Box Craft for Christmas

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I thought it would be fun to make a craft for Winter and/or Christmas.  I’ve seen boxed artwork before, and wanted to try making another one.  If you saw my post about the Valentine’s Day Box Art, I started with that and then decided to make another.  This one was pretty easy, and is a great gift idea for the holidays.  I always love the shadow style of artwork, or dark images.  It’s less detailed, and much easier to make.  I cut the pieces with my Cricut and used a glue gun to attach.  It was pretty easy.  Check it out below, and make one for your family or friends.

I sure hope that you like the tutorial, and pray that you have a blessed day!

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Materials/Tools Used:

Instructions for the Winter Box Craft:

Start by using your Cricut to cut out a tree shape, and fence in the snow.  You could make these however you wish, just be sure to do the correct measurements for your frame.



Next, cut out the piece of scrapbook paper to be the mat at the back of the frame.  I also used my pen option in the Cricut, to write on a little saying to the back.  This is completely up to how you want it to look, and what you want it to say…if anything.


Now, using glue or a glue gun, attach the pieces to the bottom of the frame.  You’ll need to space them about a bit for a layering effect, but can go crazy with how you want it to look.



Once those are dry, you can lay the frame on your desk/table and dump in some fake snow.  Be sure to add the back and check the level, to make sure you have enough or too much.  Just put in at least enough to cover the tabs, glue, etc.


Now, you can just display it wherever you wish, and make it look like winter fun is happening.  It’s also a great gift idea for friends and family.


What do you think?  I hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment on what you would like to create, and maybe if you have any tips on how to do it different, or better!

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“As heat and drought snatch away the melted snow, so the grave snatches away those who have sinned.”Job 24:19



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Barb Webb
11 months ago

You have such wonderful craft ideas! Truly inspired! That would look great on my mantle 🙂

Grace Hodgin
1 year ago

Very cute and adds such personality to any place you put it.

Heidi Bee
1 year ago

This is super cool! My Dad made us something like this for Christmas last year and he added lights. It is very cool! I love the snow at the bottom of yours!

Linda Kinsman
1 year ago

I love that you chose blue in this cute craft box because you can display it all winter!

1 year ago

I always love your festive designs! This winter box craft is so pretty!