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Sweet Rainbow Treats for

St. Patrick’s Day or Easter


I haven’t posted a craft in some time…probably because I haven’t had much time.  How about you?  I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make something like it that could be used for both St. Patrick’s Day and/or Easter.  They seem to be a bit close to each other this year anyway, so I figured that it would work out perfectly.  Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of candy and being able to share some treats with friends?

Take a look at the tutorial below and leave me a comment about what you think of them, or who you would give them to.  I sure hope that you like it!! I hope you have a blessed day, and please be sure to comment and share this craft on your social media channels – thanks so much!!

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dividerMake Some Sweet Rainbow Treats

Materials/Tools Used:

Instructions for the Sweet Rainbow Treats:

I started by putting four (4) pieces of the gold covered candy into one of the pretzel bags.  I had to make sure they were in there upright to help it stand up easily.


Next, I poured the rainbow colored candy into a bowl and after washing my hands, started separating them into like colors for each pretzel bag.


Once I had a bit of each color in there, I used the twist ties that came with the pretzel bags to close them up securely.


Next, using my Cricut, I designed some little poems that would be first printed out on my regular printer and then cut out with the Cricut Explore.  I’ve never done the Print Then Cut option, so this was a learning curve.  Have you ever used it before – leave some tips in the comments.

rainbow rainbow

After they were cut out (with the small hole I added to the top), I attached one to each bag with the same tie that was already on there.


Next, I started creating the bows.  Using some craft ribbon, I tied up a bow for each bag.  Heating up the glue gun to attach them to the top, I just twisted the tie to hide it behind the piece of paper and added a dot of glue to the center of the back of the ribbon and pushed it on.  I held it for just a bit, until the glue dried to secure it.

rainbow rainbow

That’s it!! Now they are ready to give out to whoever you’d like.  Friends or family and for either St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.  The candy is perfect for either, right?  You could personalize these however you wished or add other pieces to them, etc.  The ideas are limitless!  Leave a comment below and let me know who you would give one to.

rainbow rainbow

I hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment.  Let me know what you would do different, or what you would add, etc.  Be sure to tweet, pin, share, etc. – thanks!!

If you’d like to get a Cricut Explore for your craft room, check out the deal here (ad):

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Super cute idea and looks so easy to make!


Those would be so much fun to make – and eat! Your tutorial was really thorough.

Holly Duce

My kids would love making these! I think they’d like eating them just as much!

Jennifer H

What a creative idea. These would be perfect to hand out in the classroom.


These are super cute! I love them!

Gladys Parker

I love the poem you chose! These are cute, festive and nice I’m thinking of you gifts! I have no Cricut so my sister and I used taller than wider plastic bags with seals to put candy in then added card stock (for our notes and Easter sticker) the size of the bag which we slipped in first. Not as fancy, although, cute little thinking of you treats for the Meals On Wheels Participants to go with their delivered lunch.


What a great idea! These would be super cute for classroom gifts too- love the idea of the Rolo candy as the gold- clever!


This would be a great idea to put in an Easter Basket or to hand out at a St Patrick’s Day party. Actually these would make really good party favors for any time of the year!