I Learned How to Make String Art #TigerStrypesBlog 10

I Learned How to Make String Art #TigerStrypesBlog #StringArt I’ve seen a lot of photos of string art lately, and it made me want to learn how to do it myself.  I checked out different forums online, and couldn’t really find a very down-to-earth tutorial, so I put a few pieces of the instruction that I found useful together, and came up with this post.  […]

string art


Create a Winter Hat with Yarn #Craft 9

Create a Winter Hat with Yarn #Craft With the new year of 2016 upon us, it’s time to get back to crafting!!  I took a few weeks off for Christmas and new year, just to spend time with family, and get some new ideas.  Now that the month of January is here, and it’s finally snowing like crazy here in the White Mountains of Arizona, I […]

Watermelon Coasters – Plastic Canvas Project #TigerStrypesBlog 23

Watermelon Coasters – Plastic Canvas Project (#TBCCrafters) I found a free plastic canvas project online for this plastic canvas watermelon coasters project, and thought it would be fun to try!  I’ve been a cross-stitcher forever, but it’s starting to be hard with my vision, and my hands.  I figured I’d try plastic canvas to see if it was any easier.  I’m not a pro at […]



Spring Time Is For The Birds! 7

Spring Time Is For The Birds! Now that Spring is almost here, I get to see a lot of the little birds that left for the winter, coming back from their migration. Many people think that all birds fly south for the winter, but in my yard, all you have to do is look around, and you’ll see many feathered friends that have stuck it out even […]

Create Some “Yarn Pumpkins” #TigerStrypesBlog 6

  Create “Yarn Pumpkins” – #TBCCrafters Hop I saw something kind of like this on Pinterest, however they just wrapped it around their hand and never cut it open, so it looked a bit messy to me.  I recently bought a Clover Pom-Pom Maker and wanted to try it out, so I thought this would be a great way to do it.  Fall is my favorite […]



Make a Spaghetti Yarn Bowl (#TBCcrafters) – 11/8/2012 7

Being a part of “The Blogger Connection” and “TBC Crafter’s Hop” (#TBCcrafters) is a real blessing.  We all get to share our ideas and crafting tips together in a big group of great  friends.  Here’s my craft for this week: How to Make a Spaghetti Yarn Bowl Materials Needed: Large smooth plastic ball (+/- 14″ wide) Bowls to hold the ball and glue Yarn or string (+/- 240 […]