Things That Bring Back Memories: Scratch & Sniff Stickers #MondayMemories 2

For this “Things That Bring Back Memories” post, I am going to change this up a bit.  I usually stick to TV, music and film, but figured that there are a lot of other things that bring back memories for many of us, so it would be fun to look at them to.  The thing I’m going to pick today are the well known Scratch […]



Personalize Your Bible With This Journaling Kit 8

Thank you FlyByPromotions for partnering with me on this “Bible Journaling Kit” blog post & the great giveaway! Personalize Your Bible With This Journaling Kit #FlyBy #BibleJournalingKit Who doesn’t love making something their own? I know for many of us, we were told to never write in our bible, or get it dirty, etc. I’ve learned over the years, though, that keeping notes, highlighting verses […]

Keep Things Personal With

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* Keep Things Personal With #Stickeryou #TigerStrypesBlog I recently got to place an order on StickerYou for a large window sticker for my car.  I wanted a way to promote my business in this small town, even though I don’t […]



“Halloween Candy Jars” Make Sweet Gifts 26

Make Some “Halloween Candy Jars“ I wanted something a bit different to decorate during the Halloween/Harvest season in our home.  I thought about a great way to use the candy for home decor.  Simple to do and the pieces can be found pretty inexpensive.  The hardest part for me was finding candy that was a single color.  One of the “joys” of living in a small […]

Make Some “Halloween Broom Treat Bags” 23

Make Some Halloween Broom Treat Bags #TBCCrafters I saw these cute things on a kid’s craft page and thought they were adorable.  We live in a very small town and on Halloween, most of the flatlanders have already left, so the population is even smaller.  We only have about 4 to 6 kids who come by our home, so doing something special for them is a fun […]


cut it out

Check Out These Great “Cut It Out Wall Stickers”!! 6

“Cut It Out Wall Stickers“ was created with its customers in mind, offering you an affordable yet innovative way of styling your interior. We are a team of professional London based graphic designers who set up cut it out in late 2011. We began as a trio, tired of our mundane 9-5 jobs we decided we needed change! Following the recent trend for wall vinyl we followed in […]