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Folded Book Christmas Tree Craft

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I wanted to make something like this for a long time.  I had seen the ways that people turn books into artwork, and figured that this would be a super simple way to start.  Plus, it could be used for Christmas gifts for friends of family.  Of course, I kept things pretty simple, but you could frame it, or go all out with embellishments, etc.  I can’t wait to try and make more that include folded words, etc.

I sure hope that you like the tutorial, and pray that you have a blessed day!

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Materials/Tools Used:

  • Paperback book (300-400 pages)
  • Christmas Decorations
  • & Time!

Instructions for the Folded Book Christmas Tree:

I started by finding some cheap books at a thrift store, and the dollar store.  I loved this one, because it had a tiger on it.  Not sure exactly what the story is about, but didn’t care! Here kitty, kitty!!!


Next, I folded the book in half (approximately) and made sure to bend the spine really well to make it lay flat.  You might have to do this in more than one spot, it just depends on the age of the book.  Once you have it folded in about half, count back on the left side about 25 pages or so and mark it.  Then count about 25 pages to the right of the middle fold and mark that one.  These 50 pages are the ones that you’ll be folding for the Christmas tree.  Now we can start folding!


First, fold the top corner back toward the center of the book.  When you have that done, you can then fold the whole page back toward the center, making sure to crease it on the edge securely.



Now, you’ll notice that there is part of the page hanging below the book.  We’ll take care of that now.  Fold the page against the bottom part of the book to crease it in the correct spot.  Then, just fold that portion in between the folds on that page to hide it inside of the “tree.”



Just keep on folding each page, and making sure to have a nice fold on each one.


When I was done folding, I made some “Merry Christmas” words on my Cricut to glue to the pages that were on each side of the folds.


You can decorate these however you wish, or just leave them as they are.  That’s it!!  If you want to get super into it, you could attach it to a frame on the wall, paint it, or do whatever you want.  I kept it kind of simple, as my first try at folding books into artwork.


What do you think?  I hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment on what you would like to create, and maybe if you have any tips on how to do it different, or better!

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“The earth is changed as clay is by a seal; its hills stand out like the folds of a garment.”Job 38:14



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Linda Kinsman
11 months ago

So simple and cute!

Barbara A Webb
11 months ago

That is such a cool idea! I may have to try this with a book I have duplicate copy of. Awesomeness!

11 months ago

Love it! I started a library at my kids’ school, so I’ll have to try this next year.

Heidi Bee
11 months ago

I love this so much! Great for the crafter or book lover!

Grace Hodgin
11 months ago

Very clever and a fun project to add a festive touch.

11 months ago

My book-loving heart loves this project! My husband has a lot of bookshelves in his office and this would be a fun project to surprise him with festive decor!