Old Truck Christmas Wreath Craft #TigerStrypesBlog 12

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Old Truck Christmas Wreath Craft

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I always see the Old Red Truck wreaths for sale during Christmastime, and have wanted one for years.  The cost though, is just not something I’m willing to pay.  Some of them go upwards of $80 to $100.  Sorry, I have gifts to buy, and need to pay my mortgage.  I decided this year, to try and just make my own! 😀 I had found some of the things I needed at some local stores, and had to buy some of it on Amazon (I had gift cards!).  The total it came out to be, was only about $40, and that was mostly covered with the gift cards that I already had.  Yippee!  It was pretty easy to do, and looks amazing on our door!

I sure hope that you like the tutorial, and pray that you have a blessed day!

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Materials/Tools Used:

Instructions for the Old Truck Wreath:

I started by finding most of the items at local discount stores, and the dollar store. I got a straw wreath form that was on clearance in the Fall décor, and decided to just wrap it up with ribbon to hide it.



When that was all covered up, I started poking in the pine sprigs that I had bought.  I really should have bought more of these to cover the sides better, but it’s fine with some red showing.  Totally up to you, how detailed you want to get with it.


After all of the pine sprigs had been inserted, I started on the next step.  I had found this hanging truck at a local discount store and just folded back the hanger portion.  Using the hanger, and some wire, I attached it at the bottom of the wreath.  The pine sprigs had not been inserted behind where it went, to save some for the rest of the wreath.


Now, I attached the truck ribbon that I had found at a dollar store, using craft wire to the top center of the wreath.


To add a bit more detail, I had found some foam snowflakes and pinecone decor (again, at the dollar store) and glued those on in certain spots.  You could be as detailed as you wish, doing this.  Simple or extravagant!!  It’s whatever you want it to be!


When all of the gluing was done, it was ready to hang!  I love it, and am glad that I was able to make my own for much less, and make it personal for our family.


What do you think?  I hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment on what you would like to create, and maybe if you have any tips on how to do it different, or better!

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“On that day the Lord of armies will become a beautiful crown And a glorious wreath to the remnant of His people;”Isaiah 28:5


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Barb Webb
11 months ago

I really love the look of this! Would look great on our door! We certainly have similiar tastes.

Wanda Lopez
11 months ago

OMG, it turned out fabulous. Looks amazing and I can’t wait to give this DIY a try. It would make a great gift for some of my friends too.

Grace Hodgin
11 months ago

A nice personal wreath and cute for rural homes. It would also be nice to attach cinnamon sticks or some pine scent on the wreath for some smell worthy appeal.

Tara Pittman
11 months ago

I like the way that looks. When my son gets a house, I will have to make this for him.

Heidi Bee
11 months ago

I absolutely love this! It is so cute and would go great with my decor. Thanks for showing me how to make it!

11 months ago

This is really pretty and festive! I have to show my husband because he was commenting the other day that so many Christmas decorations use red trucks, but white or green would be good too!