New Year, New Décor – It’s Time! (Sponsored by Wayfair) 7

Thank you Wayfair for partnering with me on this sweet blog post! New Year, New Décor – It’s Time! #WayfairNewYear #WayfairAtHome #SponsoredI can’t believe that it’s already 2019.  My birthday was just a few days ago, and being almost to the mid-40 area, I’m starting to look at life a bit differently.  What is really needed in my life?  What are some things, that I […]

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HAMSWAN HB-09 Portable Camping Lantern Review 4

Thank you HAMSWAN for partnering with me on this blog post! HAMSWAN HB-09 2-PackPortable Camping Lantern Review#HAMSWAN #AD #CampingLantern I couldn’t wait to try out the new HAMSWAN HB-09 2-Pack Portable Camping Lantern set from Amazon. With the season getting closer for us to be able to go camping here in the mountains of Arizona, I thought this would be perfect to add to our camping kit!  We […]

How to Make a Valentine Love Light #Craft 33

How to Make a Valentine Love Light #ValentinesDay #Craft So I haven’t been able to post about crafting for awhile.  Let me get you filled in.  My hosting account was messed up through an error that the host did, and wasn’t willing to help me fix…saying it was a WordPress issue.  Well, after hours of research and prayers said for strength and courage, I finally […]

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“Upcycled Solar Chandelier” – #TBCCrafters (06/05/14) 8

“Upcycled Solar Chandelier” #TBCCrafters Hop I saw some pin a project like this on Pinterest and figured it would be a pretty easy project to take on.  I found a beat up old chandelier at the local thrift store (helping out the animals when crafting 😀 ) and thought it would be perfect to make into this creation.  You only need as many lights as […]