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HAMSWAN HB-09 2-Pack
Portable Camping Lantern Review
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lanternI couldn’t wait to try out the new HAMSWAN HB-09 2-Pack Portable Camping Lantern set from Amazon. With the season getting closer for us to be able to go camping here in the mountains of Arizona, I thought this would be perfect to add to our camping kit!  We do have the ability to use a generator for lights, but sometimes when you’re out in the wilderness, you love the peace and quiet.  Having the HAMSWAN HB-09 2-Pack Portable Camping Lanterns will make it easier for us to have light, and still keep the peace.

The size of the lanterns at first worried me.  They were really small out of the package, and I figured that they wouldn’t be able to produce much light.  Was I wrong!  Putting in the batteries, and clicking the power button, made me realize that they could put out a lot of light!  These are going to be perfect, when we want to go out and hike the trails, or just have a bit of light with us at camp, without being too overpowering for nature around us.

The quality was amazing, and I love how the handles can bend up or down, to make it easier to store.  It also helps with where you want to place it.  I hung it in a tree for some light, and figured that it could be used almost anywhere that you wished!


I took the lantern outside in the evening, at about 10:30 pm and was amazed at how much light that it put out.  This small lantern, lit up my whole back yard.  It’s hard to see in the photos how much of the yard it did illuminate, but let me tell you, if I had to go out for a walk at night, I would mighty pleased to take the HAMSWAN HB-09 Portable Camping Lantern with me.  I lit up almost all of the area around me, and even further out than I planned to go.  The choice of the three (3) light modes really didn’t matter for area, either, which was surprising. They all lit up a very large area and would be perfect for camping, or hiking in the evening.  Here are some of the photos of it in our backyard last night:

lantern lantern lantern

I would definitely recommend these lanterns for your family!  The great thing, too, is that they come in a package of two (2), so you’re able to have one in different places, or even share with a friend.  Ours will definitely get some great use this year! Check out the link below, where you can purchase one for your family!

Get a Set for Yourself:

lanternAbout the Product:

The HAMSWAN Camping Lantern has three separate light modes, which include White-Warm, Yellow-Warm & White.  These can be switched by lightly touching the power button, being able to meet your different needs.  Whether you are just reading at home or even walking at night.  Each includes a 12pcs LED bulb of 100 lumen, providing energy-saving, non-dazzling and ultra-brightness of up to 50′ for your camping and outdoor activities.  The bulbs are: 5730*6 (6500k) + 5730*6 (3200k).

The unit also has dual battery containers.  These are designed to be powered by 4 AAA batteries, or by using the other – 3 AA batteries.  This promises super long durability of over 56 hours, no matter where you go.  The unit has a foldable metal handle, which makes it easy to store.  Enables you to turn the handles up to make it easy to carry or suspend on a branch when in need, working well for camping, hiking, fishing at night, etc.  The mini size of the lantern particularly helps you to store it effortlessly, without taking up too much room.

Comes in a 2-pack set, which makes these lanterns an excellent gift for any outdoorsman!

Here are some photos of the different modes:

White-Warm Yellow-Warm White
lantern lantern lantern

​Package Content:
• 2 x Camping Lantern
• 1 x User Manual

Lantern Details:
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #65,270 in Sports & Outdoors
#201 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Camping & Hiking > Lights & Lanterns > Lanterns


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About the Company:

HAMSWANHAMSWAN Network Technology is an innovative technology company established in 2014. We are headquartered in Shenzhen, a fast-growing high tech city. Our company has direct connections with many excellent suppliers, and we have gathered a large number of outstanding R&D talents to deliver the latest high tech products. In addition to this we offer top quality customer service for our customers who are located all over the world. Our products include certified iPhone accessories, smart wearables and other creative gadgets, which we market to many countries including America, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Japan. In the future we plan to include other international markets. Since the end of 2014 we have focused a significant effort on the research and development of gaming products such as PC gaming headsets, gaming mice and fan regulators. We have released a series of gaming headsets that have achieved outstanding success in global markets. We uphold the principles of Honesty, Team Work, and Innovation, and we join hands with our valued partners and employees to achieve even greater success in the future!

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7 years ago

This would actually come in very handy right in my apartment for when my lights go out–and it is night time and I have to go fro one room to another. I don’t camp and don’t have a backyard–but T think it would be great to keep one in the car for when there is a blackout!!

7 years ago

This looks like a great product to check out for our camping trips. My husband is so excited that our oldest son is at the age where he now loves to hike and camp.