Leather Honey Cleaner & Conditioner Review 6

Thank you Leather Honey for partnering with me on this blog post!  There are ads in this post.Leather Honey Cleaner & Conditioner Review#leatherhoney #leathercleaner #leatherconditioner #leathercareI recently heard about Leather Honey from a review site that I’m a member of. Never hearing of the company before, I was really interested in trying them out! Having leather seats in my Jeep, and some other things around […]

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Reverse Vinyl Shirt Craft #TigerStrypesBlog 18

 This site contains affiliate links. Please see below for more information. How to Make a Reverse Vinyl Shirt #TigerStrypesBlog #Craft Browsing around online, I saw something like this on Pinterest recently, and I thought that it would be fun to create one of my own.  The reverse vinyl project was pretty easy to do, but you have to be super careful with ventilation and make […]

Guess What? It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Season! 30

Thank you Ugly Christmas Sweaters for partnering with me on this blog post & for the great giveaway!Guess What?It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Season!#UglyChristmasSweater #adI recently heard from a representative of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, asking me to help them promote their amazing products for the holidays. If you’re like me, you’ve seen the invites for the parties where it’s a requirement to wear a sweater that […]



Purex Crystals Make Laundry Exciting! 2

Thank you Smiley360 & Purex for partnering with me on this blog post! Purex Crystals Make Laundry Exciting#PurexCrystals #12WeeksofFreshness #ad #GotItFreeI recently heard about the Purex® Crystals through Smiley360 and couldn’t wait to try it. I went to the store and found it pretty easily. There were so many great scents, that it took me awhile to pick the exact one that I wanted. I […]

Is Your Fashion Fave Trendy or Classic? 4

Thank you Tobi for partnering with me on this blog post!Is Your Fashion Fave Trendy or Classic?#fashion #classicI’m seeing so much lately about trendy Spring fashion, and what’s new and hot. I, myself, like classic and what is able to be worn again, and will continue to be able, even after the so-called “fashion” goes out of style. Being one on a budget for clothing, […]


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Use Groupon Goods for Your Holiday Shopping 10

I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. #ad #sponUse Groupon Goods for Your Holiday Shopping I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.  We’re only about a week away from Thanksgiving, and then before you know it, Christmas will be here.  I’m one that starts shopping the day after Christmas for the next […]

Coobie Seamless Bras – USFamilyGuide Review 4

Coobie Seamless Bras – USFamilyGuide Review I just received my package in the mail from Coobie and loved the look of the bra that I chose.  It would be perfect under any outfit and was really beautiful.  The only problem, the size that their site said was the right one, was too small.  It didn’t fit really well and couldn’t be adjusted to fit any […]


upcycled denim

Make Some Upcycled Denim Planters #DIY #Craft 25

Make Some Upcycled Denim Planters #DIY #Craft I have a bunch of old pants laying around, hoping to some day become something else.  I remember years ago, my Mom making my brother a blanket with squares of old jeans, but figured I don’t have the time (or the patience) to do that, so wanted to figure out something a bit easier.  I figured that it would […]

Have You Heard of Groupon Coupons? 5

*I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* Have You Heard of Groupon Coupons? If you’re like me, you like to save money. In today’s world, with prices going up on so many things that we aren’t able to shop around for (i.e. health insurance, utilities), we have to do what we can to control our […]



“Tie-Dye” Your Easter Eggs #TigerStrypesBlog 12

“Tie-Dye” Your Easter Eggs Craft(#TBCCrafters) Easter, or Resurrection Celebration, is just a few days away.  If you’re like many families, you’re getting ready to color some eggs to celebrate.  I know that there are some who don’t like this form of “tradition”, since they feel that it takes away from the true meaning of what they day is about, but if you dig around for […]

Great “No Holes” Belt From Mission Belt 8

“Product was provided for this post as part of an opportunity with The Brand Connection. All opinions are my own.“ I recently heard about an opportunity to try out a belt from the Mission Belt Co. from The Brand Connection, and was so excited. I hurried over to the company’s webpage to look at what they offered, and there were so many choices…and all with no […]