Leather Honey Cleaner & Conditioner Review 6

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Leather Honey Cleaner & Conditioner Review
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I recently heard about Leather Honey from a review site that I’m a member of. Never hearing of the company before, I was really interested in trying them out! Having leather seats in my Jeep, and some other things around the house, they could all use a little bit of help! When I received the products, they just felt like something that I had been around forever!  Quality bottles, great adorable labels that look like something that would have been used for generations and made you feel like family.  I’m going to tell my son about these products, too, and hopefully he’ll continue to carry on using it for even more generations to come!

They were super simple to use, and with just a little bit of product, made a huge difference in my seats and boots! I got to use the Cleaner and the Conditioner and was super impressed. The cleaner can be used however many times that you want, and the conditioner is just something that you would use once in awhile. The product bottles seem small, but you don’t have to use very much, and they will last for a long time! I saw that they have a spray bottle in their YouTube video, and I’ll definitely be buying that soon. It would be a bit easier for me to use, and would work in all of the same places.





– Made my seats look amazing! Sorry for the dirt, still need to vacuum more after offroading! 🙂 -Jamie

Here’s more about the Leather Honey products:


Leather Cleaner – 8 oz / Ready to Use

leather honeyGentle, non-toxic leather cleaner that cleans and restores all leather items. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is the best leather cleaner for car seats, leather jackets and coats, leather furniture and more. Our leather cleaner is also for use on vinyl, plastic, rubber and faux leather.

This 8-ounce bottle is the same deep-cleaning formula as our original concentrate, conveniently pre-mixed and ready to use — no dilution required! Remove grit and grime and deep clean leather furniture, leather car seats or your favorite leather jacket with our top-rated, chemical-free leather cleaner. Our non-toxic formula makes Leather Honey the best leather cleaner to keep your favorite leather items looking new and refreshed.


Leather Conditioner – 8 oz / Ready to Use

leather honeyNon-toxic leather conditioner formulated to soften, protect, and restore all types and colors of leather but suede.

When left untreated, leather can become dry and brittle. Our formula protects and restores leather, extending the life of your favorite leather items. It’s the best leather conditioner for car seats, couches and furniture, wallets, handbags, boots, jackets and more.



Head over to Amazon and get some for yourself:

Learn how to rejuvenate old leather and soften and protect new leather with @LeatherHoney #leatherhoney #leathercleaner #leatherconditioner #leathercare Share on X

About Leather Honey:

Leather Honey was invented in the early 1960s, when a retired chemist met with businessman Daniel McGowen, who had recently taken over his father-in-law’s Philadelphia-based manufacturing company.

Over a period of several years, they perfected a solvent-free formula that was odorless, water-repellent, and non-toxic.

To test his formula, McGowen created a small but definitive controlled experiment. In those days, postal service workers walked many miles per day delivering mail door to door. McGowen recruited his local postman, providing him with a new pair of shoes for his rounds; one sole was treated with the formula while the other was left unchanged.

To McGowen’s delight, the untreated soles needed to be replaced twice before the formula-treated soles wore out—the product could make leather last at least two times as long! It didn’t evaporate once absorbed into the leather, and promoted flexibility even in cold weather. In fact, the supple quality of the treated leather made it easier for cobblers to sew shoes. McGowen’s workers loved it, sneaking samples home to use on other leather products—hats, gloves, jackets, boots, purses, car seats, leather furniture, and junior’s baseball mitt.

The commercial potential of the concoction was obvious, and McGowen sold it as “Sole Dip” to several large shoe manufacturers in Philadelphia, who used it in their production of shoe soles for the military, among others. Originally, McGowen hoped to expand the product’s reach, but this success was soon thwarted by another more pervasive invention of the time: synthetic shoe soles.

The product was re-born in 1972, when McGowen’s son Jim discovered the formula’s amazing ability to maintain the harnesses, saddles and other equipment for his farm-bred Percheron draft horses. For 25 years, with little marketing, Jim and Liz McGowen sold it under the name “Harness Honey” to tack shops and farmers, who learned that previously untreatable harness and tack could be brought back to life.

Word that Harness Honey could rejuvenate any leather— from shoes and jackets to couches and car seats—spread from the farmers to the rest of the market, and hundreds of unsolicited testimonials rolled in. Given its broad applications for all leather, Jim and his son, Shawn, relaunched the same formula as Leather Honey Leather Conditioner in 2010. The brand quickly spread, becoming the #1 best-selling leather conditioner on Amazon. In 2016, after years of testing, the family launched the nontoxic Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, which quickly followed the leather conditioner’s success and became the #1 best-selling leather cleaner on Amazon. Additional product launches in the years since include a complete leather care kit, leather cleaning and leather conditioning wipes and a UV-protectant version of the leather cleaner. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Celebrate Woman Today

I put the leather conditioner onto my shopping list today. And here you are, presenting this product. I will go and check it out on Amazon. Love your review. It adds to its credibility.

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
1 year ago

This sounds fantastic! I will definitely be checking into it.

1 year ago

I need to get this! Our air so dry that I bet that our seats would quickly soak up these formulas!