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Virtuous Film Review

I recently heard from the amazing Elliott from Edify Media, Inc. about a new movie called “Virtuous” that will be coming out in June of 2015.  It stars Erik Estrada, and from the reviews, looked to be a great film.  Who doesn’t remember the good old “Ponch”?  His acting has always been great, and any time I see him on TV, it makes me smile.

The “Virtuous” movie was about a woman, who had a pretty rough life (as well as past), and was wrongly accused for a crime that was actually committed against her.  Due to the person who committed the crime being a well-known rich guy’s son, things got a bit tricky.

There was a great story to go with “Virtuous” and actually had many different personal stories that pertained to many of the characters.  It let you learn from each one, and what they were dealing with in their own lives, and see how with God, all things can become new.  Too many people in today’s world are either falsely accused of things, or don’t have the courage to stand up against those that are doing wrong in this world.  If you see something that you know is illegal, incorrect or unsafe, then say something!  Witnessing something and keeping your mouth shut, in my opinion, makes that person guilty, as well, in some circumstances.  I know everyone is afraid of being sued, or being hurt, but I always want to put the person who is involved in a place of being a friend, or family – would you keep quiet then?

The end of the “Virtuous” movie was wonderful, and really makes you wonder what happened to certain characters after the credits. 🙂  I could definitely see a part 2 of “Virtuous“.  It would be great to go even further with the stories of the characters involved!

Virtuous” is a movie, with some topics that really aren’t for young children, but like us  watching it with our son (who’s 14), or if you have kids around his age, it could really open up some conversation about life in this world, what people have to deal with, and what’s the right thing to do!!  It would really be a great one for a youth group to watch, and have a bible study that goes with it, for things of this world that pertain to the topic.

Thanks Edify Media, Inc. for letting me view this great film with my family!!  The characters were great and the story really makes you see that there are still people in this world that care. I definitely recommend this movie.




Let God


 Los Angeles, California- Erik Estrada stars as Jack Evans, an attorney still grieving over his deceased daughter when a former drug addict, Simone Burner (Brandy Allison), seeks his help to defend her in a murder trial. Simone is accused of killing Patrick Walters (Ben Davies, “Courageous”), a young man from an esteemed and wealthy family. Simone’s claim of self-defense is overshadowed by her troubled past.

“Virtuous” brings the principles of Proverbs 31 to life. It showcases that woman can be both righteous in their lifestyle and gritty enough to defend their convictions. Featuring a female-led cast that includes Angelita Nelson (“Courageous”), Erin Bethea (“Fireproof”), Vanessa Ore (“My Name is Paul”) and American military hero, Jessica Lynch. Virtuous takes us on a journey through the hearts and minds of women’s struggles for redemption, salvation and God’s transformative love. “Virtuous” is available for pre-order at Amazon and Walmart today, and releases nationally on DVD June 2nd. For more information or to see the trailer, go to www.virtuousfilm.com.

Synopsis:  When a young woman, Simone Burner (singer/songwriter, Brandy Allison), is accused of murdering the man who assaulted her, she seeks out the helps of attorney Jack Evans (Erik Estrada, TV’s CHiPs) to prove her innocence. A ruthless and corrupt prosecutor engages her in a trial that brings the past she’s longed to escape to the forefront of her defense. “Virtuous” will inspire and ignite you to live the principles of Proverbs 31 –faith, integrity, wisdom and honor.

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Sandra Watts
Sandra Watts
8 years ago

I always stand up for people, wrongfully accused or just not able to speak for themselves.

9 years ago

What a great storyline! This would be a film I’d love to watch. I agree, I think sometimes not saying something about a wrongdoing can make that person guilty, too.

9 years ago

I love Christian movies! My husband would like this one too

Alison Shaffer
9 years ago

I trust my family, and will stand by them. sound like a good film,

9 years ago

This sounds like a good movie for a family movie night. We are in our rainy season here, so we always need good movies to watch lately!

Carlee C
9 years ago

I was getting intrigued by the preview. Sounds like a great movie based on your review and yes I love Ponch as well! 🙂

Tara Pittman
9 years ago

I have stood up for my son when some girls were accusing him.