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t-shirtHow To Make Artwork From A T-Shirt


Who doesn’t have some T-Shirts, or other old shirts in their closet that are used, but that you really don’t want to get rid of?  My husband always cleans out his closet, when he feels he has too many, and puts some in the “yard sale” box.  There are some that I really didn’t want to get rid of, so I figured that I would make something out of them.

I’ve seen people make pillows from old shirts, or a quilt, but I didn’t want to have to worry about getting the sewing machine out, and didn’t have that much time.  I figured that I would make these and be able to display them in my office, which is in the theme of “Route 66”.  Very easy to do and can let your clothes be a memory forever.

I hope you like it!! Have a blessed day, and please be sure to comment on, and share this #TBCCrafters craft on your social media channels – thanks!!


How To Make Artwork From A T-Shirt

Materials/Tools Used:

  • Old T-Shirts
  • Scissors
  • Craft Foam Board
  • Tape/Glue/Sticky Dots
  • & Time!


I started by cutting the shirt open, and only leaving the front piece, where the design I wished to use, was located.  Then, I centered some craft foam, which was cut into the size that I wished the finished piece to be.  Once you have it set, you can then trim off even more of the front, just to be sure to have enough to fold over the edges to secure.

Then, using some packaging tape, I adhered the edges onto the back.  If you want to get super detailed, you could glue them, but I didn’t have a lot of time…and figured you wouldn’t see the back, anyway.

Now, using some adhesive foam squares, I attached them to the corners to use for hanging on the door.  You could also use a picture hanger, and hot glue it on the back.  I figured that I was adding these to a place that couldn’t be nailed, so I just went with the sticker type.

When I had finished attaching all of the shirts that I was using on their set foam boards, I just fastened them onto the doors in my office area.  It helps to be able to decorate with things, that you really don’t want to get rid of.  Also, it’s a great way to upcycle your old clothes into artwork.


Hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment and let me know what you would do different, or what you would add, etc.  Be sure to tweet, pin, share, etc. – thanks!!

“And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.” -Matthew 5:40
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Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai

What a fun idea for saving special t-shirts! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

Life With Lorelai

Jeanne Grunert
8 years ago

Adorable ideas! I love clever uses for upcycled items. Thank you for sharing this. #HomeMattersParty

8 years ago

Awesome idea for my old T-shirts! Frugal craft too, you can buy foam boards at the Dollar Tree. #HomeMattersParty

Michelle James
8 years ago

This is awesome! I’d love to do this in my son’s man cave with old rock t-shirts! So cool! #HomeMattersParty

8 years ago

This is great idea ,Jamie. I have never thought of using old shirts like this.

Stacey Welch-Andrade
8 years ago

What a creative idea! Thanks for sharing! #HomeMattersParty

8 years ago

Absolutely the best and easiest way to persuade my husband to “retire that attire”! I can feel a new man cave decor coming on! Love it!

Jami Wade
8 years ago

I love this idea. I have a lot of my brother’s Tshirts and cannot put all of them into the memory quilt. Thanks for posting this project. Now I can give some as gifts to family members.

Melissa Vera
8 years ago

I have heard of making tshirts into pillows but not art. I love this idea. Thanks for linking up on #HomeMattersParty. Hope to see you again next weekend.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Look at that! What a smart idea. Looks so nice too. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

9 years ago

What cute ideas! I need to try to make something similar for my little boy.