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I saw this craft on ByStephanieLynn” one day, and decided to try it.  I always have those old sweaters laying around that either have a rip or snags and I just don’t like throwing things away.  Now I can use them to redecorate those simple vases you have laying around doing nothing.  Also, by using a glue gun, you can easily remove it when you get tired of it and change out the style, color, etc.  Enjoy!!

Upcycle Old Sweater – Vase Decor

Materials Needed:
  • Old Sweater (color of your choice)
  • Clear Vases (size depends on sweater)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • & Time!!


Plug in your glue gun to get it ready.  I usually always put a paper plate or paper towel underneath to catch melted glue.  Insert the vase you decide to use into the sweater arm and measure to cut it just about an inch (1″) below the bottom of the vase.

Make sure the end of the sleeve is all of the way up to the top of the vase before gluing the bottom.

Using your glue gun, put dots in different places and secure the sweater to the bottom.  Make sure you have this as level as possible to be able to have the vase stand after gluing.

When finished you can secure the top with glue as, well if you wish.

I also did this on a larger vase and like this much more!!

Now you can insert anything you want in them to decorate your space.  I chose some flowers that my son made me out of tissue paper.  Enjoy!!


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Rachee Fagg
11 years ago

Cool idea! I think I’d like to see my crochet hooks in one of these

11 years ago

What a great idea! Great for gifts for teachers.

11 years ago

This is pretty cool! So unique!

11 years ago

So cute-what a creative idea!

Rose Powell
11 years ago

That is really cool! I would have never through of doing that! Upcycling is so awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

Alison Shaffer
11 years ago

what a cute idea! thanks for sharing. This would be great for holidays and parties themes!