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So I guess I’m on an “upcycle” trip lately.  Last week I was upcycling old sweaters for vase decor and this week, I’m going to upcycle old books for home decor.  We always have that pile of old books that are in our “yard sale” bins or we find one we think we’ll like at the thrift store and ponder using it for a fire starter one night, but here’s something you can do with those old pages laying around to make your walls look like you want to make things from stuff that usually collects dust.  Enjoy!!

Upcycle Old Books Into Picture Frames

Materials Needed:
  • Old Book (size of pages, your choice)
  • Craft Punch
  • Tape or Glue Dots
  • Picture of Your Choice
  • & Time!!


Carefully rip out however many pages you want to use.  I’m just showing you the one I made, the shape and detail are completely up to you.  Using your craft punch, adorn the pages edges however you wish.  My punch was having a bit of an attitude and each time I’d punch, it wouldn’t come out or would rip – so I pray yours gives you a better time.

Tape or glue your pages together in whatever shape or style you wish.  I even thought if you spray painted some you could get an even more detailed frame.  Completely up to you and the amount of time you have to put into it.

Attach your picture to the middle with either tape or glue dots and hang wherever you wish to enjoy your artwork.


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11 years ago

Love re purposing! Great job.

11 years ago

It is just so adorable and simple. I have just bought some craft punches and am finding craft idea on it. Thanks.

Rose Powell
11 years ago

That’s pretty cool, love the craft punch!

11 years ago

What a neat idea. I never thought of that!