Mason Jar Stitch Kit – #TBCCrafter’s (02/28/13) 3


Here’s one of those that I’ve seen around for years, and never tried to make myself.  Now with the #TBCCrafters group, I get to take the time to make all of the oldies & goodies and even learn new things from our great group of Crafter’s. Enjoy!!

Mason Jar Stitch Kit

Materials Needed:
  • Mason Jar (Your Choice of Size)
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue Gun
  • Batting/Stuffing
  • & Time!!


Remove the lid from the mason jar and measure the fabric to include ample size all around for folding over and gluing over the batting.  Cut to shape.

Using your glue gun, start gluing the fabric edge to the cap edge.  Try and accordion the fabric over itself to not have openings, etc.

When almost finished, leave about an inch or two and insert your batting material (kind of hard to see in this pic, sorry).

Complete the gluing of the final part of the fabric to completely enclose the lid.

Add some glue to the top of the lid that the insert came out of to secure it.  Insert it into the top and give a bit of pressure until the glue cools (or dries).

Put the top on your mason jar to finish.  Insert sewing goodies and/or embroidery materials, etc. to have a go-to kit for your next project.  Great as a gift idea for friends who have the “craft-gene” as well!!  Hope you enjoy it!!


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Rose Powell
11 years ago

Neat little gift for a sewer, very nice!

11 years ago

Very cute. I do something similar but with a smaller jar.

Mary @ Raising Dick and Jane

That is such a nice idea!