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 I heard about “Tambo’s Traveling Crafts & Creations” from U.S. Family Guide and got to test some of the products out.  The customer service was amazing, shipping time was a lot quicker than I had expected and there were some great things in the bag to do.  This would be absolutely perfect for a daycare, or church group.  Even if you’re planning on going on a trip, you could get one of these bags with a certain amount of crafts inside and surprise your kids along the way.  Here is what I found in my package – so exciting:


When I opened it up, it was a cute little bag that would be perfect for taking along with you anywhere.  Inside, I found some interesting paperwork to show all that they had to offer:


And then when you open up the bag, you find all kinds of great ideas.  I had read that it would have (2) different projects inside, but you could do so much more than that.  I found all of these goodies inside:


We started working on the cute little bird house first, and found that the paint was a bit dry, but I believe if you set it out in the sun for awhile, it might melt it back to being usable – or even put a bit of thinner in it.  I’m sure this was just a fluke and you’ll be happy with what you get.  There was one color that worked and then we got some paint pens to do more.  This will be fun to finish and decorate our yard with.


All in all, this kit was great – perfect for parents or teachers.  I would love to see a classroom size box option available for about 20 kids, etc. (got an email from her that stated you could order any size bag, just contact her for a price, if you don’t see it available on her site) – that would make it a lot easier for craft time on a snowy day or just for busy time – I think kids and teachers would love it!

So final opinion, it was amazing – the customer service was great, the owner was very friendly and emailed back very quickly.  The package got here in no time, was packaged really well and kids will love it.   I’ve attached more info from my previous post below, if you’d like to see the full post, click here, and you can find out more about this great site!  Enjoy!!

Here are some links to find out more:


Tambo’s Traveling Crafts and Creations is an all inclusive, on location mobile arts and crafts party/event provider, including set up (tables and chairs on request), all arts and crafts supplies, instruction as needed, clean up and everything in between. Tambo’s brings the craft party to you! We travel here, there and everywhere to service birthday parties, play dates, fund raisers, sports events, school carnivals…where there’s a space, Tambo’s will be at your place! Decorate and embellish t-shirts, flip flops, silly socks, birdhouses, picture frames, baseball caps, wood snakes, the list goes on and on….Book your next event today for a funtastic artistic time creating your own personalized piece of art!

TAMBO’S BAG OF CRAFTS: We Send The Crafts To You!

TAMBO’S Bag of Crafts is filled with hours of messy creative fun for ages 3 and up

TAMBO’S sends here, there and everywhere right to your door

Find out more – click here


DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by U.S. Family Guide. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Rose Powell
10 years ago

Oh way cool, very fun! Thanks for sharing Jamie!

tara pittman
10 years ago

The bird house would be fun to paint. My boys would love these

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
10 years ago

This is really cute! My kids love crafts, and I am not a real crafty person so something like this would really help me!!

Christina Arceneaux
10 years ago

What a fun idea. I’ll have to try it out. Craft junkies over at my house. Thanks for sharing!