“Snowman Doorstop” #TBCCrafters 01/16/14 6

“Snowman Doorstop” #TBCCrafters Hop I’ve seen a few of these type of doorstop on Pinterest and Spoonful and thought it would be cute to make for winter.  We live in the White Mountains of Arizona and usually have snow on the ground by now, but this season has been crazy.  Our local ski resort has a lot, since it’s higher up, but we haven’t gotten […]


How To Make A Sock Snowman (#TBCcrafters) 18

How To Make A Sock Snowman TBC Crafter’s Hop (#TBCcrafters) – 12/13/2012 So I started out my Thursday Craft Blog with the idea of making a plate/dish out of candy.  I got all of the stuff together and followed the directions on Pinterest, and well – it didn’t come out very well at all.  I think if I used regular mints (like from a restaurant) […]

Christmas Ornament Wreath (#TBCCrafters) 8

Christmas Ornament Wreath TBC Crafter’s Hop (#TBCCrafters) I wanted a cheap and easy way to decorate and not worry about the piece if it broke or got weathered, etc.  I had seen something like this on a site awhile back and decided to give it a try!!  You can use any color, and lineup, whatever floats your boat.  I got all of this at the […]