Clothes Hanger Snowflake Craft #TigerStrypesBlog 10

 This site contains affiliate links. Please see below for more information. Make a Clothes Hanger Snowflake #TigerStrypesBlog #Winter #Christmas #Craft I can’t believe that we’re already decorating for the holidays.  I remember a friend telling me that when you get old, times goes quicker.  I’m not sure if I like that I have that feeling now. 🙄 Seeing something like this on Pinterest, I thought […]



Amazing Worship Out of Payson, AZ – Isaac Bradford 6

Thank you Isaac for partnering with me on this blog post!Isaac Bradford – Amazing Worship Out of Payson, AZ#IsaacBradfordMusic #TigerStrypesBlogIf you know me, you know that I love Contemporary Christian music. Being able to enjoy the sound and use it as worship for the Lord is always a blessing. My faves are Jeremy Camp, Kutless, MercyMe, Casting Crowns and many others. I remember a few […]

Make Some Snowman Soap Bottles 4

Make Some Snowman Soap Bottles With Winter almost upon us (or so we’re praying here in the mountains of AZ), I thought it would be fun to make something to decorate the bathrooms and kitchen.  Having friends and family over for the holidays makes this a perfect craft that you’re actually able to use!  They are really easy to make, and would be perfect to […]

soap bottles


Create a Christmas Snowflake 20

How To Create a Christmas Snowflake Since it’s already December, and we’re praying for snow up here in the mountains, I figured for now, I would just make my own!  The temperatures have been very low, but without the moisture, there’s not any of the white stuff.  This was fun to make, and could be done in any color, glitter added to it, etc.  Would […]

“Snowy Coasters” #TBCCrafters 01/30/14 8

“Snowy Coasters” #TBCCrafters Hop Still no snow, so I decided to just make my own!!  We are praying for some of the white stuff to fall soon, since we’re not wanting to be shaking during fire season and worrying about what will happen then.  I wish we could rent some of the clouds from the East Coast!! 🙂  I saw a coaster craft like this […]