Make a Sunflower Door Hanger #TigerStrypesBlog 10

How to Make a Sunflower Door Hanger I’ve been looking at the calendar and have been told that Spring is here, but with getting snow last night here in the mountains of Arizona, it makes me wonder.  I figured that if maybe I made a Spring craft, that I might […]



Create a Christmas Snowflake 20

How To Create a Christmas Snowflake Since it’s already December, and we’re praying for snow up here in the mountains, I figured for now, I would just make my own!  The temperatures have been very low, but without the moisture, there’s not any of the white stuff.  This was fun […]

How to Make a “Pumpkin Candy Holder” #TigerStrypesBlog 6

How to Make a “Pumpkin Candy Holder” I saw a little thing that Silhouette Craft Studio was offering and decided to download it, but decided to make it a bit different.  It was first set to be a bat (which I’ll probably use at one time), which explains the extra things in […]

Pumpkin Candy Holder


Simple Bookmark Craft (#TBCCrafters) 7

Craft Tips: Make a Simple Bookmark (#TBCCRAFTERS) I didn’t have a lot of time this week, since we’re getting started on prep for the “4th Annual Winter Wonderland Charity Auction” for Mountain Christian School.  I’m having to email businesses, send requests for donations, etc. and just don’t have much time […]