Mountain Christian School

Have You Heard of Stickman Stew? 11

Stickman Stew Gives Back!   I recently heard about the “Stickman Stew” company, and a promotion they are running to help children during the Christmas season.  Anything like that gets my attention.  We, as a community, can do so much for our neighbors by helping during the Christmas season.  So many people are out of work, or working like crazy just to meet the bills, and […]


happy healthy

PTOToday – Happy Healthy School Kids 7

PTOToday – Happy Healthy School Kids   I love being a part of PTOToday – you always find out great things that will benefit your school, and your kids.  I recently was blessed to get the email that Mountain Christian School once again was picked for the “Happy Healthy School Kids” program of 2014.  It always has some great stuff to be given out to […]