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Stickman Stew Gives Back!


I recently heard about the “Stickman Stew” company, and a promotion they are running to help children during the Christmas season.  Anything like that gets my attention.  We, as a community, can do so much for our neighbors by helping during the Christmas season.  So many people are out of work, or working like crazy just to meet the bills, and don’t have much left over for gifts.  This company is helping each of stickmanus make a difference in their lives, as well as ours.  For every toy ordered, you can pick where you want them to donate one!  What a great company and a great mission!

I got in touch with the company and almost immediately heard back from them about what they do, what they offer and how I could help spread the word of what their company does.  I received a package in the mail so fast, that I didn’t even have time to close the email…well, not that fast, but it was sure quick!!  With my “order”, they sent over a box of toys to my son’s private Christian school.  M.C.S. saves up toys to give out during the holiday season, so it’s definitely a win-win for everybody.  I could totally see these dolls being donated to a local hospital, to be given out to kids in the Emergency Room, or after surgery, etc.  They would be so much fun, and bring smiles to their faces.  The quality of the toys is great, they are very durable and are made with beautiful colors.  The arms and legs bend, so you could put them in any position – to join you in a tree house, help you with homework, etc. 🙂

I’m really happy that I got to know this company, and can be a part of their mission to give back to those less fortunate in just a simple way.  It doesn’t cost much, and those of us that are able to help can feel good about passing the love of the “Stickman Stew Gold Heart” on to others!

stickmanAbout The Products:

These are the design elements our STICKMAN STEW® & THE GOLD HEART CREW™ product line. Simple stick figures with hearts of gold. Stick figures have been icons of humanity for 20,000 years. Stick figures are the first drawing kids use to express how they see the world. And yet, in all that time, stick figures have never had a heart. Until now.

Each STICKMAN STEW figure has a gold heart, a simple reminder of the one thing we all have in common.

Today, STICKMAN STEW manufactures a line of exciting, fun and immediately recognizable plush characters. They’re bendable and posable and require no batteries. Their power comes from one of the most powerful forces on earth. A kid’s imagination. And they carry a powerful message to kids who play with them—the importance of respect and empathy in their daily, young lives.

Studies have proven that when kids are respectful and show empathy to others, they’ll be happier, more successful individuals. And what better way to improve the world, than to start with our greatest asset.

Buy One Give One

Contrary to popular opinion, Santa Claus doesn’t leave a toy for EVERY boy and girl. Many deserving kids won’t get anything for Christmas this year because the little money their families have goes for food, shelter and medical care. Can you give Santa a little help?

For every STICKMAN STEW® & THE GOLD HEART CREW™ toy you buy online for less than $10 (plus a small shipping charge), we’ll donate a second toy for you to a boy or girl who has had tough problems to face so early in their young life.

At checkout, you’ll be able to select which kid-friendly non-profit you would like to receive your second donated toy.

STICKMAN STEW’s “Spirit of Christmas” Toy Giveaway supports 18 Non-Profits Across America.stickman

Is there a boy or girl you’d like to wish a Merry Christmas?

Here are some of the non-profits that are going to help make that happen for others, through your gift:

CASA of Travis County
Children’s Cancer Fund
Children at Risk
Community Touch, Inc.
FeedMore, in Richmond, Virginia
Houston Children’s Charity
Joy Ranch, in Woodlawn Virginia
Marine Toys for Tots
Mid-Western Children’s Home
Mountain Christian School, in Show Low, Arizona
Neighborhood Centers Inc.
St. PJ’s Children’s Home
Safe Harbor in Richmond, Virginia
Semillas de Amor, in Santa Clara, California
The Salvation Army Amarillo
Willis House Shelter, in Hudson, Maine


About The Founder:

stickmanJane Guinn has always been interested in the concept of respect, on a personal level and as it relates to the world at large. Phrases like “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “treat others as you would like to be treated” weren’t just platitudes for her, they were guideposts for how to live her life.

Developing a playful product line infused with respect was an idea based upon sound marketing principles. Simple play values and fashion doll criteria are two of the most successful factors for longevity in the toy industry. To deliver a message, the goal is for the recipient to be open-minded and openhearted.

Connect With Them


I, Jamie Tomkins, own and operate TigerStrypes Blog located at www.tigerstrypes.com. From time to time you’ll hear about my real life experiences with products and/or services from companies and individuals. Let it be known that I have no affiliation with these said companies, and have not received compensation for reviewing their service/product. The service/product was given to me by the company or any agents of the company. The review that I give regarding the product/service is based off my own personal experience, I do not guarantee that your experience will be the same.

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Joanne T Ferguson
9 years ago

G’day and how cute! What a great idea!
#ibabloggers pinned Cheers! Joanne

9 years ago

I am sharing this! I love companies that try to make a difference #ibabloggers


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Yona Williams
9 years ago

This looks like such a bright and cheerful toy to donate. They really do look very happy.

9 years ago

Going to check them out now — I love companies with good hearts!

jack goldenberg
9 years ago

Jamie-Thanks for an amazing blog. Since I am from the company that was so well lauded, I just wanted to give credit to our founder and the creator of Stickman Stew, Jane Guinn, the amazing team at the company, and incredible group of bloggers like Jamie who are supporting our efforts. When Jane came up with the idea of giving away every other toy that we sell from now til Christmas, at first we thought it was a little risky. After all, we’re a small, start-up company and when you’re just launching a company, you have to watch your bottom… Read more »

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
9 years ago

Not only are those little dolls super cute, but I love that they donate one for every one sold. What an outstanding company!