CardsDirect Make Greeting Cards Fun! 6

Thank you CardsDirect for partnering with me on this blog post! CardsDirect Make Greeting Cards Fun! #CardsDirect #ad I got an email from CardsDirect about their products and they asked if I would like to share the information with my readers. I was able to use their website and create […]



Make Your Own Business Card Holder #TigerStrypesBlog 9

Make Your Own “Business Card Holder”(#TBCCrafters) I’ve been really trying to think about what to create for this weeks #TBCCrafters post, but figured we’re about halfway between Easter and Mother’s Day and there’s really nothing much happening right now.  I thought I would keep it simple and make something up that […]

Mark Your Spot With Some Apple Table Cards 5

Make Some Apple Table Cards #TBCCraftersHop I saw something like this on Pinterest, but they were just punching them to add to an envelope in someone’s card.  Thought it would be fun to make up some place cards like this early to be able to use for our Thanksgiving table.  We […]