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drops(This is a product review – all opinions are my own.  Disclaimer here)

20140725_131619 I recently got an email from Ryan with Mom’s Meet and was invited to try out the new SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Drops in Cola Flavor.  I had never used this product before and thought it would be great to try.  After all I hear about soda and how it affects your health, I rarely drink it anymore.  However, there are still those days that I just have that urge to guzzle down the bubbly wonder, and now maybe this can even make it worth it.


At first, I wondered if it would even taste like cola, since the cup was still pretty clear after adding the drops.  I used it in some seltzer water, as directed, this afternoon, deciding to add some ice and a few drops of the Sweet Leaf…then I took my first sip.   It tasted a bit too watery for me with just 2 drops, so after a few tries of deciding how many drops I wanted (which will depend on your specific palate and how you like it to taste), it turned out great!   You get that cola flavor from what seems like just seltzer.  A bit of the Stevia flavor is prevalent, but in my opinion, doesn’t overpower the drink.  Plus, there was no aftertaste and my teeth weren’t gritty, as they normally get after drinking cola.

This would be perfect for people wanting that little bit of cola flavor, without the negative health affects of those types of drinks.  I saw they even have a “Pumpkin Spice” flavor….hmmm…might be telling my local coffee shop that I’ll miss them after using that in my coffee – yum!!!  Also, the coffee combo pack that they have on their site, just got added to my wish  list for Christmas!! 🙂

Here’s the kind that I got in the mail to try:

More About This Product

Sometimes you just can’t help but crave that soda taste, but you want to avoid all that artificial sugar, so what do you do? Turn to SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia™ Sweet Drops™ Cola. It’s a liquid stevia that turns traditional sparkling water into a drink as crave-able as cola! For every ounce of sparkling water, add two drops of Cola Sweet Drops to create the taste you love – without any calories, carbohydrates or dangerous artificial sweeteners! What are you waiting for? Ditch your sugar-packed soda and instead opt for something smart that’s still sweet–Cola Sweet Drops!


Just The Facts:

• SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™ Cola is a healthy alternative to traditional diet sodas!

• How does it work? Simply add two drops of Cola Sweet Drops to your 
glass for every ounce of sparkling water (or to taste), and you get delicious cola taste without the bitterness.

• Cola Sweet Drops are portable, convenient, and a great value at just 5¢ 
per serving.

• SweetLeaf Sweet Drops contain no carbohydrates, calories, sugar 
alcohols, methanol, aspartame or sucralose. They are all natural and gluten-free.

• Like all SweetLeaf products, Cola Sweet Drops is made with USDA 
certified organic stevia.

• The retail price for SweetLeaf Szxweet Drops Cola is $4.39 for 37 
servings, or $14.99 for 100 servings. Pricing may vary based on retailer.


SweetLeaf® products harness the power of the natural stevia leaf to bring families everywhere a better-for-you sugar alternative containing zero calories and zero carbohydrates. You won’t find any artificial ingredients in SweetLeaf products. SweetLeaf has developed more consumer stevia sweetener products than any other single company, from a tabletop sweetener and flavored drops to tablets and a convenient shaker bottle, to SweetLeaf’s baking product, SugarLeaf™, which has 2/3 fewer calories than sugar. SweetLeaf is the only stevia brand consistently winning international awards for taste and innovation.

More Product Details:

dropsSweet Drops™ – Making the world a sweeter place…™ one drop at a time.

Add flavor, not calories or carbs! Made with stevia leaf extract (USDA Certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified) and natural flavors, SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops™ let you add just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to food and beverages.

Since their introduction in 1996, Sweet Drops have become a favorite with consumers, who enjoy creating unique mixes and finding new ways to use the Drops. With no artificial flavorings, consumers can be confident that their water, oatmeal or yogurt remain healthy and natural. Check out the recipe section for Sweet Drops ideas and inspiration.

Sweet Drops are available in (3) sizes: 2-oz and 1.5-oz dropper bottles, and 6-ml minis that are perfect on the go. With an average of 288 servings* per 2-oz bottle, Sweet Drops™ provide great value as well as great taste.

Sweet Drops come in 21 flavors: Apricot Nectar /Berry / Chocolate / Double Chocolate (coming soon) / Chocolate Raspberry / Cinnamon / Coconut / Cola* / English Toffee / Grape / Hazelnut / Lemon Drop / Peppermint / Peppermint Mocha / Pumpkin Spice / Root Beer / SteviaClear® (simple sugar taste) / Strawberry (coming soon) / Valencia Orange / Vanilla Crème & Watermelon

Among these, Coconut is a trendy flavor, while Vanilla Crème is a classic bestseller that has received the Best Taste Award from the World Stevia Organization in 2013. Cola and Grape were introduced in 2012 to provide a healthy option for soda fans. Chocolate was awarded 93 out of a possible 100 points by food trends editor, Today show correspondent and “supermarket guru” Phil Lempert, who loved its “intense versatile taste that goes a long way with just a drop or two.” Chocolate also received a Best Taste Award 2012 from the World Stevia Organization in Paris.

For flavor fans on the go, Sweet Drops are also available in flavor packs for convenient sampling. Each pack combines three related flavors, in 6-ml mini bottles.


♦The Coffee & Tea Pack (Chocolate, English Toffee and Vanilla Crème) is great for hot and cold coffee and tea, as well as milk, shakes and whipped cream for desserts.  ♦The Water Pack (Lemon, Berry and Valencia Orange) adds flavor to protein and sports drinks, water at the gym or office, smoothies, yogurt and cocktails.  ♦The Soda Pack (Cola, Root Beer and Grape) makes healthier sodas with sparkling water and also perks up floats, popsicles and flavored ice cubes. ♦The Party Pack (Peppermint, Coconut and Cinnamon) spices up tea, coffee, herbal drinks, water, eggnog and cocktails.

Now that you’ve found out more about the Sweet Leaf company and their products, enter to win some for yourself!

Sweet Leaf Cola Giveaway

Find Out More About Them Here:



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SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener is as natural as the sun, soil and rain that nurture it. That’s why it is the most popular stevia brand in the natural food marketplace. SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener was the first stevia sweetener to receive GRAS status from the FDA and is the only stevia sweetener to win thirteen international awards for taste, innovation and sustainability. From the beginning, SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener made consumer health its number one priority.


dropsWhat happens when a man of modern healthcare meets the natural healing wisdom of an ancient people? In the case of James May, a former healthcare executive, the meeting forever altered his life – both personally and professionally. Mr. May founded Wisdom Natural Brands®, the parent company of two highly respected consumer brands – SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener and Wisdom of the Ancients® tea. Wisdom of the Ancients is one of the most respected niche tea lines in the natural industry. A tea line dedicated to healthy options, Wisdom of the Ancients offers more herbal teas from around the globe, including Yerba Maté from the plantations of Paraguay. Wisdom of the Ancients was the original Wisdom brand started more than 30 years ago when Mr. May sold teas from the trunk of his car. Quite an amazing amount of growth for one brand dedicated to healthy natural options! Yerba maté is a naturally energizing tea that enhances mental alertness. The national drink of many South American countries, yerba maté is an all-natural, non-jitter inducing energizer for both body and mind. It contains 250 natural nutrients, has more antioxidants than green tea and is also used as an aid in weight management around the globe. Wisdom of the Ancients also offers Yerba Maté Royale®, with all the benefits of regular Yerba Maté plus stevia leaves, which add a natural sweetness for a delightfully pleasant flavor. 


I, Jamie Tomkins, own and operate Tiger Strypes Blog located at www.tigerstrypes.com. From time to time you’ll hear about my real life experiences with products and/or services from companies and individuals. Let it be known that I have no affiliation with these said companies, and have not received compensation for reviewing their service/product. The service/product was given to me by the company or any agents of the company. The review that I give regarding the product/service is based off my own personal experience, I do not guarantee that your experience will be the same.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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Lori Litewski
Lori Litewski
9 years ago

These sound great! I use stevia but would love to try these flavors!

Lois Jones
9 years ago

We have thought about using Stevia in our diet and just have not gotten around to doing it. Will have to make a serious move now!

Bernadette N
9 years ago

Oh nice! I’ve never heard of these! I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m grocery shopping!

tara pittman
9 years ago

I use these drops to flavor my boys milk

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
9 years ago

I always thought these SweetLeaf Stevia Sweet Drops were just a regular sweetener. I had no idea they came in flavors! I’ll have to actually pick some up next time I’m at the store.

Yona Williams
9 years ago

I actually cut out wheat and sugar from my diet five days ago, and I use NuNaturals liquid alcohol-free, vanilla stevia, and I have never heard of a cola-flavored one. I wanna try it !!!!! I am tooooo curious!