Celebrate Summer with Snuggle Bear 6

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Bear Den
Celebrate Summer with Snuggle Bear

I recently got chosen by the Snuggle Bear Den Community to show how Snuggle® the bear can travel and have fun. I received an adorable little Snuggle Bear for free, in the mail from the Snuggle Bear Den Community. He was so happy to be able to visit the White Mountains of Arizona.

He first climbed up one of our oak trees in the front yard, to have a look around:


Then, he got a bit tired and took a break until a lily in the front garden:


Our little Snuggle Bear had a great time and is now hanging out with me in the office and of course, helping with laundry every week!! We sure love our Snuggle Bear!

Whether you’re traveling on vacations or sunbathing at the pool, summer is a time to create fun memories with friends and family. What better way to celebrate summer than with Snuggle Bear by your side! Snuggle® fabric softener, the Ultimate in Snuggly Softness® and Long-lasting freshness, is always accompanied by its beloved mascot. Snuggle Bear can be your perfect companion for summer fun and of course, summer snuggles. Where will you take Snuggle Bear this summer? To the beach? To the park? What are your favorite activities? Use your sharing tools to be a part of Snuggle Bear’s adventures, and see all the other places Snuggle Bear traveled to this summer.

If you want to find out how you can become part of the amazing Snuggle Bear Den Community, check it out here!

About The Bear:

Since 1983, Snuggle has been the mascot for the Snuggle® line of fabric softener. The puppet was created by Kermit Love. The voice was originally provided by Corinne Orr. In a 2006 radio interview, Micky Dolenz stated that he was the voice of Snuggle at that time.  As of late 2009, the bear is voiced by Elena M. Schloss, a New York animation and commercial voice over actress.

Snuggle was already strong on quality and price, but its secret weapon was softer than the towels and cuter than the babies. It was, in the words of a subsequent marketing analysis of the brand, “a magical spokesbear” —Snuggle Bear, as we have known him ever since.


As this ad shows, Snuggle Bear (today owned by Sun Products) is back in that realm: cute, cuddly and happily pitching the brand’s new Scent Booster Pacs. He’s the same old bear many of us grew up with. And while Sun has updated him, the tweaks are subtle (his fur and snout are a little different) and, significantly, digital. These days, Snuggle Bear has over 700,000 fans on Facebook. He tweets every day, too.

About The Company:

SnuggleHeadquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, Sun Products is a leading North American provider of laundry detergent, fabric softeners and other household products, with annual sales of approximately $1.6 billion. Sun Products was formed in September 2008 from the combination of Unilever’s North American fabric care business and Huish Detergents, Inc., a leading manufacturer of retailer brand laundry and dish products. The Company’s portfolio of products are sold under well-known national brands that include all®, Snuggle®, Sun®, Sunlight®, Wisk®, Surf® and Cuddlesoft®. The Company also serves as a manufacturer and marketing partner to many of North America’s leading retailers, with a store brand portfolio of laundry and dish care products. Though a relatively new company, Sun Products enjoys a strong legacy and a history rich in innovation.

Sun Products’ all®, Snuggle®, Sunlight®, Wisk® and Surf® brands were acquired from Unilever when it divested its North American laundry detergents unit in 2008. Each of these brands has made its own mark on the history of laundry. all® introduced the first nationally distributed condensed laundry detergent, all® small & mighty®, reducing plastic usage by over 55%. all® small & mighty® is now more concentrated than ever, having increased the formula’s concentration in 2014 to offer 30% more loads for the same price. Wisk’s breakthrough innovations include both the first liquid laundry detergent and the first high-efficiency laundry detergent.

Huish Detergents was founded in 1975 by Dan Huish and he quickly grew his business from small grocery stores and private businesses to developing strong relationships with major retailers. Huish Detergents became the largest manufacturer of retailer-branded dish soaps, laundry detergents and fabric softeners in North America. In addition to its vast line of retailer brands, Huish also introduced national laundry brands Sun® and Cuddlesoft®, and dish detergent Sun®. All of these brands remain part of the Sun Products family of products today.

Connect With Them:




You Tube







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8 years ago

I’ve always loved Snuggle Bear. He has stood for softness and quality since I was a little girl.

8 years ago

Awe, how cute! I remember that I had a Snuggle Bear when I was a little girl and loved it. LOL – my name was not very original, but I named it “Teddy” and he was my #1 stuffed animal. Good memories! I no longer have my Snuggle Bear, but I still use their laundry products.

Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

I need an excuse to buy one of these.. for myself… without being a weirdo, lol! Snuggle Bear is just so cute 😀