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Prescott Valley, AZ (May 28 & 29, 2016) – Still being excited from the Lake Havasu race, we headed out to Prescott Valley.  We remember visiting there years ago, and man – what a change in just that short time.  The town has grown so much and there seems to be a lot more people in town.  With the track not being on the main highway, we followed the GPS coordinates, and finally found the area where the race was going to be held.  It was a couple of empty blocks in the middle of town that they had transformed into a race track, and camping area.  Being late, we were still able to get in and set up camp.  Had some great fellow racers in the pits that helped us maneuver into the spot.

That is one thing I really love.  Even though some are competing against each other, it seems that everybody is on the same page and just there to have fun.  When we first started racing, I was a bit worried – since we were doing this as a family, and wondered if there were going to be huge parties and negative things in the pits, etc.  I don’t think I’ve seen any of that this year, at all.  People are there with their families, are super respectful and you really don’t have to worry about much.

The race track here was amazing.  Set up where people were standing all around the block watching.  Even some driving by, that didn’t know what was happening, pulled over to enjoy the fun.  The guys did a great job and had a lot of fun.  There were a lot of people at this race.  Saturday, the guys came in 4th, Sunday, they came in 2nd.  No trophies for those positions, but still a lot of fun.

David and Dylan did a great job driving, getting a great take off and doing well in the turns:



Some guys got a bit too crazy:



But otherwise, it was a great race!  There were even some that got in a bit of air:


Prescott Valley, I think, is one of my husband’s favorite tracks.  AZOP put the event together really well, the race turns weren’t close together, and the dust was kept to a decent amount.  They even got some street racing in and were able to pick up a lot of speed.  A great race track, great teams and so much fun!  Can’t wait to make the next one coming up in Show Low!

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