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I just finished reading the “Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change” book by Angela Craig.  At first, I wasn’t sure if it was something that would pertain to me.  I work at home, don’t have an office full of employees to manage, and don’t plan on leading a large group anytime soon.

pivotWell, even with just being a Mom, a Wife, small business owner and a blogger, there were parts of the book that definitely pertained to me.  I don’t manage others, but I do manage myself!  Learning new tips on how to make that work better, might really help me to get more done, and be happy even if I don’t.

In today’s world, so many people are worried about status, and wealth.  Like Angela says, on page 15, “There is nothing wrong with position, title or the dollar signs on your paycheck. These are tangible rewards of your success. They do not define success.”  We need to know that there are things that matter even more.  I myself, want to make sure that I’m making a difference in the world, especially at home and through what I do online.  Hearing about Angela’s accident and what the doctors told her, made me appreciate even more what was written in this book. Being led by someone who the doctors thought would herself, need leading, was a great blessing.  You make your life into what you strive for it to be.  Not listening to what others say will happen, can really help you to have a great future.  Nobody knows the exact plans of your life, other than God above. Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

This book was a great one, for anyone who manages others, or even just manages their own life.  Like on page 34, where she quoted Tony Blair, who said “The art of leadership is not saying yes; it is saying no.”  In our lives, we all need to learn when to say both!

I definitely recommend this book to those who want to know a bit more about themselves, and how they can make a difference on this world in a very positive way.


About The Book:

You were made for greatness! But balancing the demands of leading in the ever changing fast-paced global marketplace can deplete the most seasoned leader of vision and the will to move forward. Pivot Leadership challenges us as leaders to recall the vision and passion we have for our work while empowering us to pivot our thinking. Angela Craig is on a quest to make you an effective powerful leader that will be unstoppable.

A field guide of relevant research, Pivot Leadership is written for leaders, coaches, and educators who are ready to propel their leadership. Each chapter includes:

  • practical application
  • daily challenges
  • chapter activities for both personal and professional reflection and adventure

Each chapter is carefully crafted with a combination of evidence based research, practical application, storytelling, and end of the chapter exercises created to propel any leader into a life of meaning and full potential both personally and professional.

Get ready for change that will drive personal and organizational success! Leaders who seek to take their organization, team, client, or student to the next level will find Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change the perfect inspiration that will catapult them to extraordinary results.

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Matthew's Mom
Matthew's Mom
8 years ago

This sounds great for me to check out. Right now, I am a blogger, but I would really love to set up an online store in the near future. I just struggle a bit with finding time and also knowing exactly how to get the momentum going, especially with the help of others that I would have to depend on.

tara pittman
8 years ago

I am a leader when it comes to little kids. I have a hard time leading older people