Have You Tried The New Nescafe with Coffeemate?

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample from Smiley360 for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Nescafe® with Coffeemate®

nescafeI received the new Nescafe® with Coffeemate® from Smiley360 and was asked to try it out and give my opinion.

I had never used it before and thought that Nescafe® was just an instant coffee and those were usually something I didn’t like. I got the products very quickly from Smiley360 and was really impressed at how they tasted. It was very easy to make – I used my Keurig for the hot water, so it was done in no time. The flavor was good and I didn’t even have to sweeten it…or add creamer.

All in all, I’m very happy with the product and it’s definitely something I’ll keep on hand. It will be perfect for when we go camping, or have a lot of friends over, etc. Thanks Smiley360 for letting me try it out!

More About The Product:

nescafeIntroducing Nescafe(R) with Coffee- Mate(R) – coffee & sweetened creamer! Deliciously creamy, flavorful coffee in one quick step. A smooth balance of rich Nescafe coffee and sweet Coffee- Mate coffee creamer together at last. Better Together! Rich Nescafe coffee pairs with perfectly creamy Coffee-Mate coffee creamer, in three delicious flavors you’re sure to love. Comes in French Vanilla (Flavorful, creamy coffee with classic vanilla taste), Sweet & Creamy Original (The original classic – rich and perfectly smooth creamy coffee), & Hazelnut (Smooth, creamy coffee with the nutty sweetness of Hazelnut flavor).

Easy to Prepare: Just add 2 tbsp of Nescafe with Coffee-Mate coffee & sweetened creamer into a mug, add hot water (6-8 fl. oz. ), stir well and enjoy! Add more for a creamier cup!

Available Size: 12 oz. (17-19 servings)


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