Sherri Kukla’s MotoMysteries are Amazing! 20

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Sherri Kukla’s MotoMysteries are Amazing!
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If you saw a post that I did recently about the new book called Parking Precious, you’ve heard my raves about the great author Sherri Kukla, who also writes S&S Offroad Magazine.   I recently purchased the set of 3 MotoMysteries, and love each of them!! Some would say that they are geared more toward a younger crowd, but after starting to read the story of the first one “The Skeleton and the Lantern,” it even has me hooked, and I’m far from young!

I was able to order the eBooks on Amazon, and I love that I can just put in a marker to start again at the same spot, when I come back.  Each chapter is not very long, and already has me thinking!  Sitting here, I’m putting together the looks of the characters, and where they are in the story. I’m only on chapter 13 and don’t want to put it down!  Sherri has a great talent in writing, and can make you a part of the story as you read each page.  I can’t wait to read the other ones.  She even has a Christmas one that I just recently found, so I’m going to add that to my purchase list on the site.

I love books that make you think and just allow you to spend a few minutes away from your daily life, daily stress and normal agenda. These books have some great stories, and just let you get away from the real world for awhile.  I hope they can turn into a movie and have some of the UTV Offroad Adventures people star in them! 🙂  That would be amazing.  Thank you Sherri for some amazing books that are safe for our kids, and even exciting for us!

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About the MotoMysteries Books:


The Skeleton and the Lantern: Chased by a ghostly skeleton, searching for a lost gold mine and trying to keep their family together . . .

This faith-based kids mystery book will have you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns and multiple challenges.

Jeremiah and Millie are excited about their parent’s plan to move to the desert where they’ll be able to ride their dirt bikes every day. They’re also in support of the bigger dream: to provide a home to kids who need help. As former foster kids, they know what it’s like to need a family.

But their outing to the desert to search for that property turns into a dangerous adventure when they’re stalked by a ghostly skeleton. A high speed chase and an old man with tales of gold and a secret key add to the mystery. Determined to find out who or what is behind the apparition trying to stop their family dream, they find themselves in deep trouble when their snooping goes too far.

Ghost Lights of Dry Brook:  The lights, the mysterious night sounds, the abandoned store . . . and the warning . . . Something is going on at the vacant store in town.

Are Jeremiah and Millie willing to risk getting arrested . . . or worse . . . to find out what it is? Rumors of ghost lights and a death at the old store increase tension between the brother and sister. When Jeremiah refuses to return to the place they were threatened, Millie convinces her best friend to accompany her. But when Paisley comes to spend the night, the three of them never expected her visit to end like it did.


Phantom Ship in the Desert: Millie’s last thought as her motorcycle launched into the atmosphere was, “I’m going to die!”

What do the soldier’s old knapsack and the mysterious cardboard box in the overturned trailer have in common? A cryptic message from a missing man named Emmett and maps to a lost ship in the desert lead Jeremiah and Millie on a curious search.

When the pair become separated on their dirt bikes, they discover they aren’t the only ones searching for the ship. Someone wants the map they have.

Alone, hurt and out of gas, Millie hears a noise like the rattling of a sidewinder. A loud scream escaping her throat is the last thing she remembers before passing out.

Suddenly, finding Millie is more important than searching for a legendary lost ship. Will they get there in time?

If you’re a fan of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, then you’ll love reading Phantom Ship in the Desert complete with plenty of off road adventure. Find out what danger awaits them in the desert . . . get your exciting page-turning copy today!

The Christmas Miracle: An exciting new Christmas mini-mystery for kids! A short, fast, page-turning mystery kids and adults will love!

It’s Millie and Jeremiah’s first Christmas in their new desert home and it should be a fun one. But then six-year-old Caleb disappears while in their care. Searching for him on their dirt bikes, they come upon a lifeless body.

They’re in need of a Christmas miracle…but will they get one in time?



Get the Set for Yourself:

About the Author – Sherri Kukla:

motomysteriesSherri Kukla and her husband, Steve, publish S&S Off Road Magazine and are the founders of Thundering Trails, an off road day camp for kids. Sherri and Steve married when they were teenagers. Forty-five adventurous years have passed, providing plenty of fun as well as not-so-fun experiences for Sherri to draw on for the MotoMysteries series. Their lives revolve around God, kids and motorcycles.

They have raised four children of their own, in addition to opening their home to nearly a dozen others who spent a few weeks up to several years with them. They are currently raising their 15-year-old granddaughter who has been with them most of her life. Yes, she rides and races motorcycles. They also have a nine-year-old grandson who loves rocks, reading, bicycles and motorcycles.

Sherri and Steve Kukla, along with their granddaughter, one dog, one bearded dragon and two dozen fish, reside in Ocotillo Wells, a desert community in Southern California, that is home to an 85,000 acre off road park. If you’d like to be a part of the launch team for future MotoMysteries books visit or email for information.

Connect With SXS Offroad Magazine:



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Alita Pacio
2 years ago

I love a good collection of mystery books. thank you for sharing your list

2 years ago

My Kids love mystery books. They will surely love these

2 years ago

This sounds like a great series. I’ll have to check it out. I’m sure my kids would love it.

Grace Hodgin
2 years ago

I know some children that love mysteries and would enjoy these.

2 years ago

These books look great! I bet my daughter would love to read them.

Tara Pittman
Tara Pittman
2 years ago

My boys might like these books. They sound like good choices for them

Linda Kinsman
2 years ago

This sounds like a fun set of books. I am a Nancy Drew fan so I’d read Phantom Ship in the Desert first.

Barb Webb
2 years ago

My sons would love this! Will have to check it out.

2 years ago

These look cool! I need to check them out!

Heidi bee
Heidi bee
2 years ago

I actually almost prefer books that are geared towards the younger crowd! These sound like fun, will check them out!