More People Need to Hear About NEELY – Pass It On!! 10

Jeremy and Kaci Neely who are the band “NEELY” came to visit our church a few weeks ago and we were so blessed.  I had never heard of the band before (sorry, I don’t get out much 🙁 ha/ha), but “WOW”, why hasn’t Air1 or the other Christian stations promoted them?  It was such a blessing to meet them, and be able to share lunch after church.  You sometimes forget that the bands we hear on the radio or see on YouTube, etc. are real people and Jeremy and Kaci were definitely that.  You felt as if you had known them for years and were reuniting with dear friends from past days.  Even our son Dylan, kids from our church and their kids got to hang out and had so much fun playing video games and enjoying our meal at “Two Hippies” in Lakeside, AZ!!

NEELY” is from Nashville, TN and has been touring around the states with their whole family, helping bring worship and spread God’s message in their awesome music.

Here’s Dylan getting to take a picture with them, after buying his roadie gear following their worship at our church!! 🙂
If you want to know more about them, check out their website, watch the new YouTube video…and pass it on!!:
I talked to Jeremy the other day and he said he’d be willing to put together a “NEELY” Fan Pack for one (1) person who wins my giveaway, so enter away, spread the word,  and I can’t wait for the winner to hear them and help to spread the word about this great group and wonderful people.
Enter to win and Autographed CD bundle of “Everything I Am” and “Colorblind”:

If you can’t wait to hear them, and want to buy a copy of their new CD “Everything I Am”, get one here:
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Linda Kinsman
10 years ago

What a small world- I didn’t realize they were from Nashville. I always try to support local musicians (especially Christian ones) so I will check out their website and music. Both my daughters listen to Christian music often, so I may have heard them and didn’t know it. Thanks for sharing.

10 years ago

I never heard of this group. Maybe I’ll check them out; I’m always on the look out for new musiic.

Jennifer Wagner
10 years ago

I never heard of them but I’m not sure if I would listen to them because I really don’t like religious music.

Rose Powell
10 years ago

Sounds like they’re pretty down to earth and that is a rare quality!

10 years ago

I wrote a little post to share about how much I loved this prize! Thanks again!!

11 years ago

Fun! I am new to this artist!

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago

That is why I'm trying to tell others about them – not enough people know about them. They did worship at our church and were awesome!! Spread the word!!

11 years ago

I think their music is amazing!