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I got this idea online from “Erin’s Creative Energy” and thought it would be great.  I feed the birds in our yard often and I’ll tell you, if anyone ever tries to play off not eating much and says they only eat “like a bird”, start laughing uncontrollably!! Those little feathered creatures are the pigs that fly, I’ll tell ya!!  I’m always looking for cute ways to feed the little critters and thought this one would be great.  My husband said it reminded him of the Tea Kettles at Disneyland, so we’ll see if the birds “lose their lunch” after eating from here!! ha/ha Enjoy!!

Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Materials Needed:
  • Plate (I used a plastic one from Big Lots)
  • Bowl (ditto)
  • Long Eye Bolt (I used a 10 inch)
  • Nuts & Washers that fit the bolt
  • Glue Gun
  • Drill Press or Hand Drill w/bit
  • & Time!!


Figure the center of the bowl and plate and using a drill press or handheld drill, make a hole in each one with the size drill bit that matches the diameter of the bolt you are using.  Be sure to put a piece of wood under to catch the drill, so that the plate doesn’t dance around and break!

After you have drilled the holes in each piece, get a dowel style file and either take care of any hanging pieces or make the hole just a bit bigger.

Glue a washer to the top of the plate to be under the eye bolt.  After this is done, insert the eye bolt and add some extra glue to hold it in place (if needed).

Insert & glue a washer underneath to give extra hold.

When the glue on these has dried, put a nut on the bolt to about where the bowl and another washer/nut will fit on to secure.  So you’ll have bolt, nut, washer, bowl, washer & nut, in that order or however you choose.  If you need to, you can glue this as well – mine fit tight enough that I didn’t need to.

When all is secure, fill it up with the seed of choice (or your bird’s choice)!!

Then find a place to hang it and watch the birds enjoy their meal!!  Hope you like it!!


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Tonya Staab
11 years ago

That’s brilliant. I’d never thought to make one like that, my kids would love this.

Mary H.
11 years ago

I like your idea! I would love to make one of these. Repurposing is great!