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Check Out the LG Appliances Twin Wash
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If you’re like me, you want your appliances to save you time, and not add more. How many of us jump up and down on laundry day and get so excited about folding clothes? …yeah, me neither! I’m sure there are some of you that might enjoy this time, but for those of us that don’t, you want appliances that take care of most of the busy work for you and make things easier.

I got an LG washer and dryer years ago and love them. Knowing that my front loaders are saving me time, money and lowering the usage of water that my home used to waste, makes me feel great as a Mom, a wife and a consumer. Here’s my amazing pair here:
Well now, LG has stepped it up even more!! They are introducing the new “LG Twin Wash System” which includes the LG Front Load washer, that is paired with LG’s SideKick Pedestal Washer for even more washing space. It even helps with those loads that you needed done yesterday! Who doesn’t have that kid come to you with a certain piece of clothing saying that they need it for a school function, etc? Well, now you can get it washed in no time, and even while you’re doing another load!! The units are available at Best Buy for an amazing deal right now. Find out more at

Here’s a great deal for my TigerStrypes Blog readers, as well. From 1/11-4/25 receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home. Here’s just one of the great rebates available, but there are even more than just this one on their website!


Find out more about the Twin Wash by clicking the image below:


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Jasmine - Stylish Cravings

I need these washer & dryer in my life! Our set will need replacing soon and these would be perfect!

6 years ago

Oh how I wish I could have a washer/dryer in my apartment! Unfortunately they are forbidden. If I could I would certainly get this set!

6 years ago

Great rebate deal! We love our front loaders!

Gladys parker
Gladys parker
6 years ago

How awesome is that! This would be awesome for families. I can’t count the times my daughter forgot to bring me her dance outfit or my son forgot to give me his uniform knowing well he had practice every day. This would be marvelous.

tara pittman
6 years ago

I want this washer! My teen washes small loads every day so I need this.

6 years ago

This looks great! Perfect for those times when I start the washer and forget to add the kids uniforms. Or, better yet, when I don’t want to put their dirty, smelly uniforms in the wash with the rest of our stuff!