Design Hacks to Improve Your Office Space 8

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Design Hacks to Improve Your Office Space
10 inexpensive ways to improve your space

Are you ready to improve your office space significantly to drive efficiency and productivity up? These tips will help!

On an average, you spend 48 hours a week in your office. Chances are you might be at your desk at this very moment while reading this article. Your work space plays an important role in your work productivity. This means that the design of your office is of absolute significance. Below are a few cheap and effortless design hacks for your office space.

1. Old CD’s can be used as coasters and to fix wobbly furniture. Wobbly furniture is a problematic thing to deal with when you are diligently working. Plus it is not an utensil that you can exchange for another. What do you do then? Use old and neglected CD’s. Yes, you heard it right. Put CD’s under the shorter leg of your table or chair and work away without any further hassle. You can also use your creative side, color those CD’s and use them as coasters.

2. Create a mobile phone holder out of empty lotion bottle Unfortunately, charging plug points are not installed according to your convenience. You might be awfully ill-fated and not have a plug point anywhere adjacent to your workstation. And if you don’t possess a portable charger, you are in quite a fix. Avoid the unpleasant sight of your phone lying on the floor or a chaotic and messy desk by creating a mobile phone holder from an empty lotion bottle. Take a pretty looking lotion bottle, cut away the top and there you have it, your very own charging station.

design3. Stack mason jars for holding stationery Do you know what makes your workstation look like a tornado just passed over it? Sloppily and hastily kept stationery. But there is an exceedingly uncomplicated tactic that you can use to avoid that. Take five similar sized mason jars, stack them together and hot glue them. Let it dry for some time. Once dry, tip the stack on the side and now your stationery has its own spacious cubicles. You can use it to keep pencils, staples, pens and other small objects.

4. Use binder clips to prevent wires from getting tangled. Tangled wires are like uncalled guests. They sometimes tend to overstay their welcome. Sorting out intertwined wires when in the midst of an important work is pretty tiresome and annoying. But you can keep them sorted by using binder clips. Clamp these clips to the side of your desk and thread your charging cords and other cables through the metal part to keep them tangle free and easily accessible.

5. Re-use an old shutter Storage becomes a hassle when it comes to office space. You never seem to have enough places to store your things. Like bills for example. Or letters. You can use a cheap design hack to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Hang an old shutter on your office wall to hold unpaid bills and letters in it. You can use the top half for inbound and the bottom half for outbound bills. You can also make the shutter look attractive by painting it.

6. Shoe box storage There is never enough space in your desk drawers to hold all your required stuff. And when the desk drawer is crammed and bursting, things start piling up on the top of the desk. However, you can get around this less than desirable state of affairs by crafting your own bookshelf using shoe boxes. Stack together few shoe boxes in an interesting fashion and pin them together with paper clips. You can also opt to staple them. Use this DIY bookshelf to store paper and light books. In order to be more decorative, you can choose to cover the boxes in wrapping paper or shelf lining.

7. Cereal boxes as drawer dividers Cluttered drawers are a painful thing to deal with. However, it is a very common thing and happens to almost everyone. Especially your office desk drawers. Re-arranging a messy drawer is a laborious task. But there is a rather easy and trouble-free solution for you to cut the problem from the source. Use various cereal boxes as drawer dividers. Cereal boxes will make for excellent divided storage in your work desk drawers. You can also paint or cover those boxes with wrapping paper and art paper to make them look pretty and attractive. Use an X-ACTO knife to trim the containers to fit the drawer.

8. Make a mobile phone stand with an old cassette tape case Avoid spending money on buying a new mobile phone stand. You can get it done yourself at practically no cost. You just have to search for an old empty cassette tape case. Flip the case open and turn it on the other side. Keep your phone on the case, and you have your very own and free of cost mobile phone

9. Use a magazine holder to make a corner shelf Shelves are an important part of the furniture in an office. However, these days, they come at a pretty steep price. Avoid buying an expensive corner shelf by creating one out of a magazine holder. Bring unused magazine holders from your home and turn it on its side. Equip it in the corner of your office or your cubicle, and you will have made yourself a small corner shelf with a tiny amount of storage room underneath.

10. Store files and folders in a chest Old files and folders use up a lot of space in an office. Heaping them up in a desk is a definite no-no as it would make the room look shabby and uninviting. You can avoid this unsightly look by storing all your files and folders in a chest. You can give a new life to your old chest and make it a miniature office. This project is quite easy and quick. Moreover, when you close the chest, the office supplies are skilfully hidden. You can also use the top of the chest as a shelf to keep magazines and flowers vase to keep fine-looking artificial flowers and desk plants.

So, now you have the design tips to improve your office space significantly to drive efficiency and productivity up!  Let me know in the comments, which one you can’t wait to use!

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Jennifer H
6 years ago

These are great design ideas!

Sara Phillips
Sara Phillips
6 years ago

I love using Mason Jars for all my things!!

6 years ago

I don’t have office space per se–just a desk and computer in my bedroom! That tip about using old cd’s is one I will probably try at some point!

6 years ago

Right now my office space is a mess. I have cords everywhere so I need to wrangle them together. I think I have some binder clips around here so I will definitely be putting them to good use. Thanks for the tips!