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I’ve been wanting to start the “Tips & Tricks” blog posts for awhile now. I figured that those of us who had advice (on any topics), or knew things that could help others, it would be beneficial to start sharing those ideas. I’ll be contributing different kinds of “Tips & Tricks“, such as things to do with the internet, social media, home, crafts and many others!! Be sure to stay connected to “TigerStrypes” to see the new ones that get posted.


Today’s Post Will Be About:
“Clear Up Your Oxidized Headlights”

Today’s “Tips & Tricks” post is about “Clearing Up Your Oxidized Headlights“.  Cloudy headlights affect so many different vehicles. Having headlight restoration or headlight repair, which is the process of cleaning the headlight lens at detail shops, can get pricey. Now, you can save your money, and instead of paying them, or getting expensive replacements, just restore them yourself!!  It’s quick, easy and best of all anyone can do it!

Below are the steps of how to clear up your oxidized headlights, with something you hopefully already have at home!!  Time will depend on how bad your headlights are.  If they have been oxidized for a long time, this will help a little, but may not fully clear up the headlight.  Any extra light is better though, for looks…and for safety!!

1.  Start by getting some toothpaste and a rag that you can use on the lights.

headlights2.  Here’s a “BEFORE” picture of my husband’s headlight.


3.  Put some toothpaste on the rag and start wiping the plastic part with some friction.  Make sure to not wipe too large, and get the toothpaste on the paint, as that can scratch it.  You might need to add more, or even another coat, depending on how bad the oxidation is.


4.  When you feel that you made a difference, just rinse off the toothpaste and dry with a clean towel.  If it still looks cloudy in certain places, just repeat the process.


5.  Here’s what the other light looked like when I got it finished.   Didn’t take too long, and saved a lot of money!!


I hope that this “Tips & Tricks” post has helped you today. If so, let me know in the comments. If not, or if you already knew about this, then just let me know a “Tip” or a “Trick” that you  would be interested in for the future!

Have a great day!

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Grace Hodgin
Grace Hodgin
8 years ago

I will have to share these tips with my husband. He cleaned ours but I did not notice a difference with the cleaning compound he used.

tara pittman
8 years ago

Toothpaste is a great cleaner. I use it on crayon marks too.

Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

Well, I don’t drive or own a car so this post isn’t really geared towards me, BUT I will pass it along to my family and friends who need to clean up their headlights!