Church Groups: The Top Tips for Reaching the Younger Generation

Church Groups: The Top Tips for Reaching the Younger Generation

youngerToday, it is more important than ever for religious groups to take steps to reach out to the younger generation. Even though a lot of religious organizations are having trouble figuring out how they can communicate with young adults, teenagers, and children, there are a few tips that everyone can follow. If church groups are able to communicate effectively with the younger generation, they can build a strong foundation that will set their groups up for success in the future. If you run a religious organization, what can you do to communicate more effectively with the younger members of your congregation? How can you reach out to the community? There are several tips you should keep in mind.

Incorporate Advanced Audio and Video Tech

youngerFirst, you need to do anything you can to incorporate advanced audio and video into your sermons. In order to keep the attention of people who are younger, you need to vary up your sessions. For example, you might want to think about adding some music to your sermons. You might even want to have your band play in front of an awesome video backdrop. Or, you can add video screens throughout the church to keep people entertained. If you are able to use technology to modernize the way you deliver your sermons, you will keep younger people interested.

Use Social Media

You also need to make social media work for you. There are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a daily basis. Even though you do not need to have a profile on every platform, you should figure out which ones are going to help you reach the members of your congregation. Then, encourage everyone to follow your profiles. You might even want to hire a social media manager who can manage the account for you. You can use social media to interact with members of your congregation, encourage people to sign up for events, and stay in touch with everyone. If you use social media to keep your church at the front of everyone’s minds, you can keep younger people interested.

Put Younger People in Positions of Leadership

Finally, if you really want to get younger people more involved with the church, then you need to place young people in positions of leadership in the church. There are plenty of opportunities to do exactly that. For example, you might want to see if any of the younger members of your church want to become small group leaders. Or, you might want to have someone younger stay in charge of the social media account. If you want to make stronger connections with the younger generation, then you need to put people who look like them in leadership roles. That will help you build the connections you require.

Set Your Church Up for Success

If you keep these tips in mind, you will place your church in a good position to be successful moving forward. Keep in mind that the younger generation today has a shorter attention span than they ever did in the past. Therefore, it is critical for you to remember this as you figure out how you are going to communicate with them. If you modernize your worship services, take advantage of social media, and place young people in positions of leadership in your church, you will have an easier time attracting the younger crowd to your sermons every Sunday. If you have a strong foundation built on young people, your church will be successful in the future.


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