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Chasing God

chasing God
I received the book “Chasing God” from Caylen with Icon Media Group asking if I would read it and then share my opinion on it.  B&H Publishers provided the book for my unbiased review.  I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.

I had never heard of Angie Smith before, so I really didn’t know what to think about the book, prior to reading it.  I did a bit of review online after I got the email and was waiting for it to arrive in the mail and heard pretty much only good things about it, so I was excited to receive it and begin reading.  Now that I’m done, you should see all of the folded pages and little bookmark tabs all over the place.  I learned so much and wanted to be able to go back and review it again.  The way that Angie writes makes me feel like she’s just sending me a note or an email – it’s so personal and on point!

One of the first things that really stood out to me was on page 7 in the Introduction (talking about song and worship) – at the end it said “Stop chasing the song, child, and let Me teach you to sing.”  That really meant a lot to me.  I for one am a horrible singer and try hard to just hum as much as I can.  I think I’ll stop chasing that and let God teach me how to sing.

Another part that I found interesting was on page 31, where she said: “On several occasions, I have seen the gospel presented as something not unlike a carnival ticket.  You say the words, you get the ticket, and you ride the ride.”  How do you feel about that?  Do you see the gospel differently?  A lot of people feel that they can just ask God into their lives and then continue living just as they are, and that’s not always true.

This book was amazing!!  On page 136, she brings reference to those of us who made the “Trapper Keeper” a big part of our lives and those that used to watch Punky Brewster! I loved reading a book written in a way that spoke to me, in my terms and from an author who seemed just by reading the words to be a friend.  On page 139, she talks about how at the beginning of her religious journey she needed a children’s bible to understand things a bit better.  I was the same way – I had my Precious Moment’s bible that really helped speak to me in my newbie language and help me learn more about God without being overrode by terms that I had no clue what they meant.  Now, of course, that I’m more grounded in the Lord and understand His Word a lot more, I use my NIV bible to gain even more knowledge.  Every verse you read and every time you read it will most likely teach you something new, depending on your walk with the Lord.

I will definitely be keeping this book to read again and learn even more from.  This would be perfect for the new believer, trying to find out what all of this even means, or people like me who do believe and just want to learn more and hear about other’s opinions and journey’s with God.  Thanks B&H Publishers &  Icon Media Group for letting me read this book – it was one to add to my faves!!


Chasing God by Angie Smith

chasing God

Maybe you’ve never asked the question out loud, but you’ve wondered. You do the things that look good on paper: read your Bible, pray, attend study groups and go to church on Sundays.  But you aren’t convinced you really know Him.

Angie Smith understands, because she had run circles around the same paths searching for Him, frustrated at her lack of progress. And she probably would have continued to do so had it not been for one realization that changed everything.  She wasn’t following God; she was trying to catch up with Him.   And without realizing it, you may be as well.  It’s a distinction that affects every aspect of our lives with Christ, and it begins with learning where we’ve relied more on man’s explanation of God than God Himself.

So many requirements, so many rules, and so much guilt where there is supposed to be freedom. It’s the reason you wonder if you’ve measured up, and the nagging voice that tells you you’re a failure as a Christian.

Three simple words changed everything for Angie, and she believes they can do the same for you.

Stop chasing God.

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About the “Chasing God” Author:

Angie Smith is the wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Dove Award winning group Selah), author of I Will Carry You, What Women Fear, and Mended. She is one of the most popular speakers and blog writers in the country. She holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, TN.

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10 years ago

Sounds like a good read. Definitely something to think about while reading.

Alison Shaffer
10 years ago

looks like a great book. a good guide for our souls for sure!

Yona Williams
10 years ago

Sometimes, I feel like I am chasing the person I am expected to become.

10 years ago

sometimes i feel like i am chasing God but never can catch him. sometimes i need to just let go

Gina B
10 years ago

Love this book! It’s a must-read, I think. Smith has such a fun voice.

tara pittman
10 years ago

This sounds like a great book. I feel like I am chasing after time, never enough in the day

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
10 years ago

I sometimes feel as though I am chasing just to keep up!