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I saw something like this online and had to find out how to do it.  I found the necessary tool on Amazon for only about $30.  It was really easy to use and everything was included in the kit.  Now I have plans to make many things from old bottles.  Let me know if you have ever done this and what you made or would like to make if you ever get one!!  Hope you enjoy!!

“Bottle Planter Decor” Craft
Materials Needed:
  • Ephrem’s Original Bottle Cutter Kit (purchase info at bottom)
  • Olive Oil/Wine Bottle, cleaned & dry
  • Sandpaper
  • Rocks
  • Plant/Flower
  • & Time!!


Begin by scoring the bottle on your “Ephrem’s Bottle Cutter”, making sure to apply even pressure and get the score to go all the way around the bottle.  There is no need to go over it twice, as long as you have an even score.  Be sure to wear eye protection while doing this whole project!!

Then, when you’re finished with the scoring, secure the candle (included in the kit) to a paper plate or something else if you are doing it outside, etc.

Light the candle and turn the bottle at the score mark slowly over the heat.  Do this a few times until you know the mark has been fully covered.  No need to have the flame touch the bottle, just be underneath the score mark.

Once you have the whole mark heated, run the bottle under cold water and you should hear it crack.  Be sure to be holding on both sides as to not drop one.  If the bottle does not crack, and you are sure you have scored it all the way around, heat it with the candle again and then run under the water a second time.  The bottle should then be in two (2) pieces.

After the bottle has split, use the sandpaper to take care of the rough edges.  Be careful not to hold onto it over the bottle with your hand, just in case the glass breaks through the paper (I don’t want you to cut yourself).  One you have both sides sanded down, wipe with a wet towel to remove grit, etc.


When you are finished sanding, flip over the top part of the bottle and insert some rocks to keep the dirt you’ll put in from falling out.

Put some water in the bottom portion and make sure that you can put the top in upside down without any spilling over.

Now you can insert the plant you choose in the top over the rocks and then put it all together.  I suggest you not secure the top with glue, etc. so that you are able to remove it when more water is needed, etc.  Here’s what it looks like finished, I hope you like it!!

He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.” – Proverbs 1:3

To get a cutter for yourself, go to:

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Dawn Pruitt
11 years ago

I have always wanted to try this! You made it look so easy!

11 years ago

Very cool! I'd be terrified it would crack!

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  Ellen

You just have to make sure you make even pressure with the score and then do everything else in order. I was scared at first, but it turned out really easy!! Might be making another craft with it for next week…hint…hint…ha/ha