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Okay, so who remembers these 80’s style hair clips from back in the day?  We could jazz them up however we wanted and adorn them with anything to match an outfit, etc.  I think my Mom made me some in every color combination known to man!!  I thought it would be great to bring them back, so I made these.  The clips are a bit different these days, I couldn’t find any of those old kind that the steel piece in the back would break off after a million times wearing them and bending it to go under the tab to secure (remember those?)  These are a bit updated and in the colors of our local school, I even added some sports beads and think I’ll give them to my neighbor, who’s a cheerleader there for her to wear!!  Hope you enjoy!!

“Old School Hair Clips” Craft

Materials Needed:
  • Hair Clips (With Opening in the Middle)
  • (2) Colors of Thin Ribbon (Color Choices are Yours)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments (Your Choice, Optional)
  • & Time!!


Start by cutting out each color of ribbon into 36″ long pieces.  Cut as many as you need to make the number of clips you plan on finishing with.  Remember, you need two different colors, each the same length for each clip.

Begin your clip by feeding the ribbon through, and making sure to even out the pieces of ribbon to match each other, otherwise, you’ll have a lot to snip off at the end to even them out.

Now you can start feeding each set of the pieces throw in a braiding fashion, making sure to keep them even and level (no twists in the ribbon).

Keep doing this until you get to other end and all of the braiding is tight – you don’t want a lot of room between each one, so be sure to pull tight and push down as you go.  When you get to the end, make sure that you have both sets of ribbon on the bottom side and make a knot as close as you can to the clip to secure.

Now you can add any embellishments you wish to them, keep them simple or add more (flowers glued on, etc.)! Let me know if you plan to make one, or how you plan on changing it up and making it your own.  Leave me a comment as to what you did with your creation.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you like it!!

The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, If it is found in the way of righteousness.” 
– Proverbs 16:31

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Lois Jones
11 years ago

This is a blast from the past. How fun!! Love them!

11 years ago

My girl has long hair and she won't get tired of hair clips. I may try making her some of these.

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  girlycreation

Great!! Let me know if you do and send pix!!

Dawn Pruitt
11 years ago

I do remember these and they would make a great craft for my teen daughter! Who knows we may start a new trend!lol

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  Dawn Pruitt

Amen Dawn – hey they brought back a bunch of the other stuff, right? ha/ha

11 years ago

Oh I remember these! What a cute idea!

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  Ellen

Thanks Ellen!

Rose Powell
11 years ago

How neat, I don't remember these, but I know my girl would like the braided clip, she loves wearing clips in her hair.

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  Rose Powell

Great Rose!! I sure wish my dumb hair would hold them in – I tried to find the old kind of metal clips that you had to push the bottom over to get under the other deal, but nowhere to be found 🙁

Rachee Fagg
11 years ago

I remember ALWAYS wanting one of these and now I can make one. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

Jamie Tomkins
11 years ago
Reply to  Rachee Fagg

You're welcome – send me a pic when you make one!! 🙂