Grow Your Own Avocado Tree at Home with AvoSeedo! 10

Thank you USFamilyGuide & AvoSeedo for partnering with me on this blog post!
Grow Your Own Avocado Tree
at Home with AvoSeedo!
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I recently heard about the AvoSeedo from USFamilyGuide and thought it sounded like fun! I’ve tried for a long time to grow from an avocado seed and never really had it turn out very well. I thought this would be a great way to see if I could get one going without having to poke myself with toothpicks like in the past.

I’m waiting for the package to arrive, and will fill you in on how everything went when it gets here!


I received my AvoSeedo package really quickly from the company.  It was packaged well and had a lot of great information, as well as cute little flags that you could use to date when you added the seed to the bowl.  AvoSeedo made the unit with great quality and easy to use.  The one thing that is a bit different than I’m used to, is the need to have a larger bowl.  I’m used to just putting it in a cup, but hopefully the need for more space to store it, will come out as worth it in the end.

The instructions were perfect to go over with your kids, and make them feel like they were in charge.  I also loved that there was no need for the dreaded toothpicks, that I always seem to be able to get into my thumb, easier than the avocado seed!  Now, I’ll just let it sit and hope to find some roots and a stem come out soon.  Here are some photos of what I received:



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AvoSeedo avocado tree germinator bowl that makes it easy for everyone to grow their own plant at home from a simple avocado pit. Easy to use for all ages of amateur avocado arborists, clever AvoSeedo bowl design keeps the avocado pit immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively. Made for durability from recyclable, non-toxic materials and is reusable for other vegetables like lettuce, celery, carrot tops! Germinate and grow an avocado tree in your own home, whatever the climate. Fun family (Millennial parents, their young kids, grandma/grandpa) project to make a tree sprout and watch it grow from the pit of a common avocado. Increase kids’ understanding of ecology, interconnections in nature, responsibility and care for the environment in a participatory and concrete way

How It Works:
1. Get an avocado, cut it open and remove the pit
2. Peel away the thin skin from the avocado pit
3. Put the pit flat part down into the AvoSeedo tray
4. Place the AvoSeedo tray with avocado pit into a bowl of water
5. Change the water every two to three weeks
6.The seed will sprout and a tiny avocado tree will grow after one to three months
7. Transfer the budding tree into a pot
8. Reuse the AvoSeedo to grow more avocados

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About the Company:

avoseedoAvoSeedo LLC was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Daniel Kalliontizis after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $65,000 thanks to more than 4000 backers. In addition to its flagship AvoSeedo avocado germinator bowl that makes it easy for everyone to grow their own avocado tree at home, has everything amateur avocado arborists of all ages could want.

Connect With AvoSeedo:





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Photos supplied via USFamilyGuide.
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6 years ago

Oh this is so cool!

Shelley R Zurek
6 years ago

My daughter, who is 25, would go nuts for this. She loves to grow things.

Jacqui Odell
Jacqui Odell
6 years ago

I need this! I love Avocados but they are expensive.

Gladys Parker
6 years ago

My grandchildren would love to do this, I know they would but my thumb is so not green! I probably better get over myself and get one, heaven forbid they find out I knew how to get the AvoSeedo right along and did not. I’ll be a meany grandma lol

Danielle S
Danielle S
6 years ago

I’ve done this with toothpicks before but after while the toothpicks can fall out. I like this better.