Why Consumers Are Looking For Updated Housing Options

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Change in Home Sales
Why More Consumers Are Looking For New Or Recently Updated Housing Options

At one time, finding a charming, fixer-upper in a quaint neighborhood was the ideal. Buyers and renters alike have long been attracted to the long-standing appeal of existing construction given it’s quirks, classic architecture and intricate details. Now, however, more consumers than ever before are looking for housing options that are either new or recently updated. Following are several reasons why.

housingLower Overhead Costs

Modern and recently updated construction can be infinitely cheaper to maintain than residential properties that were constructed several decades ago and have received few improvements over their lifetimes. These properties often have energy-efficient windows and appliances, better insulation, sustainable landscaping designs that require minimal water and upkeep, and even smart home technologies that allow for remote adjustment of thermostats and other property features. For these reasons, the people who live in units like those offered by Invitation Homes can look forward to lower energy bills, lower water bills and lower overhead costs all-around.

Better Indoor Air Qualities

New housing and housing that has been diligently improved throughout the years also tends to have higher indoor air qualities. Modern, aesthetic upgrades commonly include the use of low VOC paints and materials that are less likely to off-gas harmful chemicals. Moreover, new and recently upgraded properties can additionally have higher-performing HVAC systems that go beyond merely heating and cooling the living environment by additionally filtering the air.

Desirable Neighborhoods With Less Crime

Neighborhoods with homes that are regularly updated tend to have higher, average property values. This creates the sense of exclusivity that is seen as keeping undesirable elements out. The homeowners within these communities are often just as devoted to advocating for and improving their neighborhoods as they are to improving their own homes. They’re also more predisposed to approving local measures that provide funding to local schools, infrastructure and communal upgrades, even if these involve a commitment to paying higher taxes. Thus, the best way for renters or buyers to find communities with desirable schools at all levels of learning, reasonably low crime rates, well-maintained streets and ample communal features, is by targeting locations that are filled with diligently maintained homes. This is why companies like Invitation Homes focus on offering prospective renters units that feature the latest and most cutting-edge features and amenities, irrespective of their year of construction.housingBetter Walkability Scores

Walkability scores determine just how easy it is for homeowners to access many of the community features they need. Homes with good walkability scores are typically situated in neighborhoods with large, dog parks, comfortable hiking trails, modern shops and appealing restaurants. In these areas, people do not have to jump into their cars every time they want to pick up a meal, entertain their children or complete other, essential errands. Good walkability increases the overall value and marketability of homes and greatly enhances the amount of satisfaction that residents get from the neighborhoods they’ve chosen.

Although dated construction still has its charm, savvy consumers are prioritizing modern and efficient features and amenities over classic architecture. They know that recent upgrades can lead to lower overhead costs and far more comfortable living overall. More importantly, a commitment to keeping properties fresh and on par with the most progressive housing standards often results in pristine, well-maintained neighborhoods that have lower crime rates and far more to offer to local residents. 


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