Make Some Upcycled Candle Holders 2

Make Some Upcycled Candle Holders

I saw this on Pinterest and had it on my “TO MAKE” list.  Thought it would be adorable for a theme party or for using outside in the evenings.  Not sure it would be safe to use regular candles, as I saw in the picture on Pinterest, but hey, to each their own…proceed with caution, right?  I just used battery operated and decorated around it.  Enjoy!!
Materials Needed:
  • Cat Food (or Tuna) Cans (cleaned and labels removed)
  • Wooden Clothespins
  • Candles
  • & Time!! 


Make sure you have your cans cleaned out completely, labels removed and dried.  I decided to use cat food cans, even though we only have a dog, since I didn’t want the smell of tuna to overtake the house.  Now if I had been making tuna sandwiches, then maybe I would have used those, but hey Walmart cat food for only $0.49 a can made it worth it!

Once you have them all cleaned out, etc., start by attaching the clothespins around the edges closely next to each other and not too far down as to make the tips be close together.


Once you’re finished spacing the clothespins around the edges and making sure that all are even, and not too far down, etc., you can then insert your candles.

Now you can put them anywhere you wish and add even more around them to match your theme.  I went with a shell/beach theme, but I’m sure jungle or anything else would work, as well. Did you go with a different theme?  If so, go to Tiger Strypes Blog and leave a comment as to what you did with yours.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you like it!!
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

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11 years ago

So creative!

11 years ago

I love this! Terrific idea!!