Infuse and Reuse with Full Circle #tryazon #FullCircle 2

Thank you Tryazon & Full Circle for partnering with me on this blog post!
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Infuse and Reuse with Full Circle
#tryazon #FullCircle
I heard about the Full Circle brand from Tryazon and really wanted to use the products in my home. In today’s world of worrying about what your water is made out of, you really need to think about the products that you are using for your family.

Having things like a reusable storage bag, that I just need to wash it out to use again, makes me feel a lot better than throwing away the plastic ones that are so popular. Also, being able to use the natural latex cleaning gloves and not have my hands send me mean messages afterwards really made a difference, too.

full circle

My family loved the Citrus Ice Infuser Set, too. Being able to make ice from lemons, limes or oranges that you have in your home sure makes the water taste a lot better when you need it. Healthy and refreshing, and all it takes is the Infuser Set. I used it today and couldn’t believe how much of the lemon that it actually used. I always feel bad with some other juicers, since it seems like you just throw away most of the fruit. This set really used up the whole fruit and the seeds also stayed on the outside, so I didn’t have to worry. This is one that I would DEFINITELY recommend to those wanted to juice easily and know they are getting the best for their buck!

full circle
Here’s all of what I received in my #tryazon package:

Full Circle Citrus Ice Infuser Set

  • 2 BPA free silicone trays for easy release
  • Citrus reamer locks on to juice directly into trays
  • Add flair to your water and more
full circle
full circle Full Circle Ziptuck Reusable Storage Bags

  • Reusable food-safe, BPA-free storage bag
  • Leak-proof, air-tight “lock” seal design
  • Stands upright for everyday use and storage ease
  • Chevron + Clear design
Full Circle
Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves

  • Durable, slip-resistant grip
  • Cuffed design to catch water (and keep you dry)
  • Super soft lined interior for comfort and hot water protection
  • Hang-dry loops for fast, clean drying
full circle
full circle Full Circle Clean Reach Bottle Brush

  • A perfect fit for on-the-go drinking bottles and mugs
  • Slim, elongated design that’s ideal for bottle necks
  • Replaceable heads extend use while minimizing waste

About Full Circle:

full circleIt started at a Thanksgiving dinner in Shanghai. Four friends. A rational problem solver, a visionary designer, a confident connector and an eco-conscious leader with a single vision: to totally transform the way people think about the products they use every day. See, products shouldn’t just be Functional… Pretty to look at OR… environmentally aware… they should be all three (and more). Products shouldn’t just be functional….pretty to look at or….environmentally aware. They should be all three (and more). And we thought, with our team’s collective backgrounds in industrial design, manufacturing and sales, we knew we could develop a new way of making products and impact major changes in the industry (even if it meant starting with something as basic as cleaning tools). So we collaborated with local growers, manufacturers and distributors to refine the process from start to finish. The result? Innovative, well designed, responsibly made tools that help keep your home beautiful. We’re not necessarily clean freaks. But we are healthy people. We are foodies and dog lovers. Adventurers and travelers. Runners and volunteers. We have a value system and methods that let us create a better way to clean, cook, shop and even live. We believe that a more responsible lifestyle benefits everyone and everything, from our neighbors and friends to the planet and resources. All we need is the right tools.  So now you see how it came full circle.

full circle

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Gladys Parker
6 years ago

All of Full Circle’s products would be nice to have. I would like the Ice Infuser Set the most. I don’t have money enough to waste half of a fruit that I purchase.