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survivalHow to Make a Winter Survival Kit


So the last couple of weeks have been busy and loooooong.  We drove over 3000 miles on a trip from Arizona to Oregon to be with my Mom & Step-Dad for the New Year Celebration (even though I fell asleep!!).  It was a very long drive, but worth it to see our family!!  I think next time, I’ll save up to fly, though!! :o)
We got back home here in Lakeside, AZ and there was still snow on the ground (yes, it does snow in AZ!!) so I’m still in the winter mood and those type of crafts.  I know that all of the stores have their Valentine’s day stuff out already, but I will not conform – since January is my birthday month, I want to give props to the first month and not get ready for the “candy love hearts” yet!!  Here’s a great one I found from a lady who’s grandson had broke his arm during the winter and she wanted some fun things for him to do while visiting.  I think that it goes with winter well – enjoy!!

Winter Survival Kit

For those of us in snowy areas with not much to do when it’s cold out, this is a cute idea to share with your kids or even a favorite neighbor for a pick-me-up.  The ingredients are just examples and you can always make up your own – let me know if you think of a great one to add to the list!!
Materials Needed:

  • Survival Kit Contents (See List Below)
  • Zip-Top Sandwich Bag
  • Plain Paper or Cardstock
  • Stapler (if using)
  • Scissors
  • Sense of Humor
Preparing this kit is simple, gather all or some of the ‘ingredients’ listed below and place them in a zip top bag. Print out the list of ingredients and each one’s meaning to give along with the bag. You can use card-stock to create a bag tag or you can make a little card.

Choose one or all of these survival kit ingredients, or you can think of your own:

  • Cotton Balls – To cushion any falls and all the bumps and bruises.
  • Star – To remind you to aim high and always do your best.
  • Rubber Band – To help you spring back if you get behind or fall down.
  • Paper Clip – To help hold it all together.
  • Tootsie Roll – To help you roll with the punches – sometimes literally!
  • Starburst Candy – To give you an extra burst of energy when it’s needed.
  • Cool Blue Mint – To help you keep your cool under pressure.
  • Peanut – To remind you that it is okay to be a little nutty at times and have fun.
  • Penny – To remind you that you are a valuable member of the family.
  • Mounds Bar – For the mounds of pleasure you have brought to everyone!
  • Gum – To help us all stick together especially when one of us gets hurt.
This would be great to give as an “I’m thinking about you” gift or just something for fun with your children or church group, as well.  Hope you like it!!
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Rachee Fagg
11 years ago

So sweet and fun!
I may have to slide this in with my library kids!

11 years ago

very cute survival kit.

11 years ago

I love this idea. I could definitely use a survival kit!

11 years ago

This is a great idea.

11 years ago

Super sweet idea.

Rose Powell
11 years ago

This is one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen, I’ve seen many different variations of this type of gift, it is a great reminder, I think I’m going to have to create these for my kids! Thank you so much for sharing!!!