Yeah, I Have Epilepsy…So What? 64

Yeah, I Have Epilepsy…So What? I’ve talked to a few people in the past about living with Epilepsy, and figured that it might be a good time to write about it here on my blog. I know that there are a lot of people that are living with it, and if it’s a loved one, sometimes you can’t understand exactly what they are going through. […]



Power Morcellator Warning

The month of September is both National Ovarian Cancer Awareness and National Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month. This month has come at the perfect time with the women’s cancer community in heated debate over a controversial device called a “Power Morcellator”. Minimally invasive procedures have become more and more common over the years. Before making the decision to undergo either a hysterectomy or myomectomy, make sure […]