Make Some Retro VHS Lights #TigerStrypesBlog 26

This site contains affiliate links. Please see below for more information.   Make Some Retro VHS Lights #TigerStrypesBlog #Decor If you’re of my generation, you know all too well what a VHS is.  If not, I’m sorry! ha/ha  I have so many of these tapes lying around, and have already bought my favorites in DVD style, so they’re not even needed.  I wanted to make […]



Have Some Fun With Drop It! #TigerStrypesBlog 16

Thank you #Tryazon for partnering with me on this blog post! Have Some Fun With Drop It!#Kosmosgames #TryazonI got the Drop It game from #Tryazon and #Kosmogames and couldn’t wait to play it. It kind of reminded me of a twist between Connect Four and Tetris. I always loved those games. Being one that you had to worry about colors, I was a bit worried […]