Make a Redneck Doorbell (DIY/Craft) 8

 This site contains affiliate links. Please see below for more information. Make a Redneck Doorbell #DIY #Craft #Redneck #Home If you’re like me, you’re always seeing funny pictures online, and saying “hey, I could make that!”  I love crafts that make people smile.  Living in the mountains of Arizona, this […]



Laugh It Up with Candace Payne (Book Review) 6

Thank you Zondervan for partnering with me on this blog post!Laugh It Up with Candace Payne (Book Review)#LaughItUpBook #SimpleJoysI’m sure you’re very familiar with Candace Payne. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, than how about Chewbacca Mom? All of us saw the YouTube video in one way or another, […]

Make Some Bunny Tail Treat Cups #TigerStrypesBlog

Make Some Bunny Tail Treat Cups I can’t believe that Resurrection Sunday, or Easter is just around the corner.  My Mom was so right about time flying when you got older.  Don’t tell her she was right though, I don’t want to get that “look” from her! ha/ha My family […]

bunny tail