Create a Flowery Bird Feeder #DIY #Craft 23

Create a Flowery Bird Feeder #DIY #Garden #Birds I saw this craft in one of the Lowe’s Outdoor magazines.  It was just for garden decor, but I decided to change it up a bit and make it into a bird feeder for my yard.  I actually saw one of the squirrels using it this afternoon! It was pretty easy to make.  You just have to […]


tower garden

How To Make a Tower Garden #DIY #Craft 24

How To Make A Tower Garden #DIY #Garden #Plants It’s been awhile since I posted a craft/DIY project.  Things have been pretty busy around here, getting ready to start up the new family UTV Racing team with my husband and son.  It’s called “Redneck Edition“, since we’re part of that family! 🙂  Living in the mountains, and being able to enjoy working hard to play hard, […]