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So, I’ve been writing on my TigerStrypes blog for awhile now, and trying to get my feet wet in the blogosphere.  Learning about posting, traffic, UV and PV – it’s a lot to take in.  The group of people that have helped me learn about things have been amazing.  Ellen with Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom has given me a lot of tips and advice, Rose with Immutable Ramblings has been a crafting sister and also made me feel like a friend online.  It’s such an awesome thing to be a blogger and find people like that in the world that actually care and want to help.  Too many times in today’s world, everyone is only out for what is best for them and that in my opinion is just not right.  Sisters helping sisters sure makes the world a better place.

Be sure to follow all of my pages below, and let’s grow this blogging family even closer and bigger around the world!

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Apart from starting to become a blogger, I’m also a graphic designer.  I own JTGDesign, and we offer all types of graphic design projects.  Being able to be my own boss and work from home makes things a lot better for me.  Granted, I just recently started my business and living in a small town makes things pretty hard to get things rolling, but I’m taking it one day at a time.  Up here, there aren’t a lot of my type of business, but it’s one of those things of if you haven’t grown up here, don’t know certain people, than the market just isn’t there.  I focus more on online work and helping people from all other areas, as well as some great customers here in our town, like Bianco Plumbing, LLC and volunteering my services with my son’s school, etc.  

I even made up a “commercial” for my site – check it out:

Some of the projects I’m focused on right now, include photo restoration and photo enhancement.  Sometimes, you hear graphic design and only think that the people create logos and advertisements, etc.  I do many more different things.  There’s a list on my website, so check it out.

This is one of the photos that shows the “Photo Enhancement” qualities:


I can also restore old photos, such as this:


Apart from having fun with all of these things, I do still create logos, websites, etc.

The best parts of being my own boss are:

  1. I can work in my pajamas, if I want.
  2. I make my own schedule.
  3. I can take a hobby I love, and make it a profession.

Nothing better than all of those things, right?  If you have any questions or want to know more – let me know.  There are some companies out there that say, “what are you thinking of doing?” and then they make something up and if you don’t like it, oh well.  I like to work with my clients and finish up with something that both of us created.  After all, it’s your company, or your project, so you should have some say in how it looks.  Who remembers those days when the customer was more important? I’m trying to bring that back!

Be sure to check out my website and share this with people you might know who need some help with photos, logos, etc.  Use the code #TigerStrypesBlog and I’ll give you a discount on your order!! Thank you!


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Ellen Christian
9 years ago

Thank you for the mention! I had no idea you knew how to do all that neat stuff!

9 years ago

Lucky you, I wish I could be my own boss. That would be cool. Great web design.